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Lexa walks onto the second floor pool of her house, seeing Costia on a lounge chair, white robe on and cucumbers over her eyes, a facial mask on her skin.

The actress saunters over carelessly and and pushes Costia's legs off the chair before she sits down, staring out over the edge of pool, seeing all of Hollywood.

"I see you're still pissed off," Costia sighs, breathing steadily, without a care in the world.

"They think that I'm doing this just for the good name."

Costia chuckles, then places her legs on Lexa's lap, smiling, "that's exactly what you're doing."

The green eyed girl snaps her head to Costia, then shakes her head, forgetting that Costia can't even see her right now.

"Yeah but...I don't know."

"Don't know...what?"

Costia waits, but Lexa doesn't answer. She lifts the cucumber slice off of her eye and glances at Lexa, then breaks out into a fit of laughter.

"Wait a minute. You don't actually think that you can be normal, do you?"

Lexa frowns, thinking to herself...she loves her fame and she wasn't quite sure why she didn't deny Costia's words.

"I I'm not normal."

"Exactly. You're a multi-millionaire, Lexa. You're famous, and you have paparazzi chasing you everywhere you go." Costia is now sitting up, holding the two slices in hand as she stares at her ex-girlfriend.

"I know. I get it," Lexa mumbles, rubbing Costia's feet while she stares down at the pool.

"Lexa." Costia sits up more, tilting her head, "you're famous. You're a movie star. Don't forget that." She smiles and kisses Lexa's cheek, then lies back down, slices over her eyes.

Lexa huffs, "I know. How can I forget with you reminding me every damn second?" Lexa gets to her feet, putting Costia's back on the chair.

Lexa leans down and takes a cucumber slice off of Costia's left eye, then eats it, "sweet."

"Hey! Lex! I needed that!" Costia whines but Lexa is already walking away.

"Too bad! And hey, while you go to get another cucumber, get the hell out of my house!" Lexa slams the door as she walks back inside her house, grabbing a beer from the fridge.


Octavia arrives at the Grille and smiles at the person sitting down, "hey."

Raven Reyes rises to her feet and smiles, "hi. You look...beautiful."

The blue eyed best friend giggles, "thank you. You look...gorgeous." Raven chuckles, "thanks."

They sit down across from each other in a booth and Octavia glances around, "any reason why you asked me to dinner? And if it's to talk about Lexa, Raven I'm really not in the-" "no Lexa talk. I promise. I just...wanted to spend some time with you...alone."

Octavia's ears perked up at the word.


What had Raven meant by that?

Whatever she meant, Octavia was hoping she meant it a certain way. But that couldn't be possible...could it?


The next day, Lexa is going for a run through a park when she spots a particular blonde running as well.

The actress tilts her head, speeding up to get a better look, then grins.

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