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"Azgeda took everything from me. They have my parents, Azula. What am I supposed to do?"

"June I'm sorry. I didn't know that my mother would take it this far..." Lexa grabs Costia Frost's hands and stares at her with pleading eyes, her face slightly dirty with mud and splashes of blood around her small wounds.

"Az. You need to talk to her. I can't have more of my people dying. We need our independence. Azgeda has ruled too long and your mother is the reason that the rest of us are living in slums-" "June I can't-" "Please. Azula. If your mother doesn't back down I'll be forced to take Trikru to the capital to defeat her myself. And she'll have you by her side. I can't...my people. They won't understand our relationship."

Clarke watches the TV screen with wide eyes. She's on the second movie at this point and Lexa has done nothing but blow Clarke away.

She had no idea what good of an actress Lexa was. The first movie was so intense and good that she couldn't stop there.

She needed more.

And it was by far the best decision she has made all week.

But still, Clarke could not erase the guilt she felt inside herself. She was so rude to Lexa, calling her a bad actress. Yeah, Lexa needed to be put in her place with her arrogance and egotistical attitude, but it wasn't a reason to treat Lexa with such cruelty.

"Azula once our relationship is out, my people will come for you. They'll think I am a weak leader. That I'm not fit to be Heda of Trikru."

"But you are! June you're perfect. You're strong, confident and a great Commander. I promise you we'll get through this. You will get your independence."

Clarke watches Lexa bite her lip and grow emotional as she whispers to her costar. "How?"

Costia stares and blinks several times before she looks away, "I...I don't know...I'm sorry June. I must go. Mother is expecting."

As Azula smiles weakly at June she cups her cheek, "we will get through this."

"I love you," Lexa whispers and Clarke could almost swear that she was talking straight through the camera, at Clarke herself.

Her heart beats harder and louder as she watches Lexa give such a beautiful performance. It's like Lexa is trying to say something through June. 

Like she's showing who she really is on the screen, but is acting off the screen as this big shot actress who doesn't listen and lashes out.

"I love you too June. So much." Azula places a gentle, yet passionate kiss against June's lips, making Clarke's chest tighten as anger boils up inside of her.

Why is she so angry?

Or is it...is she jealous? Why does she keep getting such a jealous feeling whenever she sees Lexa kiss Costia Frost on the screen?


Lexa sits through Chemistry without a word to her lab partner.

She steals glances at the blonde every few moments, licking her lips as she remembers her day dream from the other day.

"Lexa..." Lexa's name rolls off of Clarke's tongue so perfectly. You can hear the want and the arousal in her voice. It makes Lexa's heart pound hard against her chest. Her finger slip in, making Clarke's eyes tighten shut.

Just looking at the blonde sends Lexa's head awhirl.

The bell rings, scaring Lexa to her feet and when she goes to talk to Clarke, she is already bolting out of the room, her head tucked down near her books.

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