Party Time

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A/N- Lexa is, if you do not know, G!P, she is intersex and has a penis. Soo...enjoy the story? Lol

"She's on her way," Clarke fans herself to blow away the sweat but it doesn't quite work, for she just begins to sweat even more.

"Do I look okay?" She turns to the mirror and Octavia giggles at her, along with Raven, "Clarke you look hot. Just, relax. It's a party. Plus leather always looks good. Lexa will love it."

Clarke blushes, "I'm not doing it for Lexa..." "Please. Look at you. Blushing all over the place." Clarke smiles lightly and thinks about the green eyed actress awaiting her.

When there's a honk outside Clarke takes a deep breath as her breathing starts to quicken due to her nerves.

"Relax. You got this," Octavia rubs Clarke's shoulder and her and Raven leave. The blonde looks in the mirror and fixes her jacket, sighing, "you got this."

She walks outside to see a long black limo awaiting her and Lexa standing, leaning against the side of it, "the princess has graced us with her presence

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She walks outside to see a long black limo awaiting her and Lexa standing, leaning against the side of it, "the princess has graced us with her presence." She bows and kisses the back of Clarke's hand, leaving rosy cheeks upon the blonde's face.

"Well isn't this quite the chariot," Clarke jokes and Lexa smiles, "I wanted your first Hollywood experience to be special. And plus, if we are arriving at a party, why not arrive in style?"

"And where exactly are we going?" Raven questions as the limo begins moving. Lexa scrolls through her phone, "Miley's."

The 3 girls' eyes seem to bug out of their heads, "MILEY'S AS IN MILEY CYRUS?!" Octavia screams and Lexa jumps at her screaming, "yes?"

Clarke stares in shock and Lexa smiles, "look, just...try not to fan girl at the party too much. You're coming with me as my guests, not super-fans who snuck in to see their favorite idols."

The blonde chuckles, "I'll be fine."

"I know you will be," Lexa gives Clarke a look that makes her feel as if she could melt right to the ground.

"Rave, okay so once we get there..." Clarke and Lexa tune the 2 girls out and fall into their own conversation.

" have you been?"

Lexa shifts in her seat, unfamiliar with that question. Nobody ever really asks her.

"Uh, okay. You know, just living. Breathing. Like humans do."

Clarke giggles, "one would hope."

Lexa usually loves the spotlight on her but right now, she wants to learn more about Clarke. She wants to listen to Clarke talk. So, she adjusts her position so that her body is facing Clarke, "enough about me. What about you?"

Lexa doesn't notice that her hand landed on top of Clarke's thigh, but Clarke surely does.

She gulps, and thanks the limo for having dark lighting so that her blush isn't visible.

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