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"Where have you been all night?" Indra stands up when Lexa walks through the front door.

"I was out."

"Lexa now isn't the time to be disappearing. I need to know where you are at all time-" "you know what Indra? This little motherly act of yours is getting a little old. I'm a millionaire. I can do whatever the hell I want."

Indra eyes down her daughter, "either you go back to high school or I promise you Lexa, I will make sure you don't step foot on another set for however long I deem necessary."

"You wouldn't. Without me your career is down to shit."

She shifts her weight to her right leg and sighs, "please Lexa just...try. I need you to do this or else both of our careers go down the drain. I cannot have you running around causing all of these insane news stories to come about. Please."

Lexa ponders, biting her lip as she looks around the house. She knows what the right thing to do is, but Lexa isn't one to be told what to do. So, being the stubborn headed girl that she is, Lexa shrugs, "whatever. But I'm not doing it because you told me to. I'm doing it because I want to show you how wrong you are about this."


Clarke closes her locker and jumps when she sees the shaggy haired boy standing beside her, his back pressed up against the other lockers.

"New school year," Bellamy Blake smiles at Clarke who chuckles, "new me."

"Damn. I'm guessing there is still some tension?" He walks beside his friend as she sighs, "I am over Finn. He lied to me, he lied to Raven and I am just done. This summer was about change. I'm not going to let any guy get in between my friends and I again. I won't let myself be vulnerable ever again."

"So the Ice Queen rises," Bellamy jokes, earning him a jab in the stomach.

"Watch it Blake."

The brown eyed boy can't help the smile growing on his face as he studies his friend's face. However, he wishes that they were more.

Clarke spots a dark haired girl standing at the end of the hallway, alone. "Speaking of Raven." Clarke excuses herself from Bellamy to rush over to Raven who turns away from the blonde.

"Raven please-" "Clarke I don't want to talk about this right now."

"Finn screwed us both over! Raven please just listen to me for a minute-" "Clarke! I said I don't want to talk. Whatever you have to say? I don't want to hear it." "Ray!" Octavia Blake walks over to Raven Reyes with bright smile, lighting up her ocean blue orbs.

"Oh, hey Clarke." Octavia offers a light smile to Clarke, then glances at Raven. "Everything okay over here?"

"Yeah. Everything is great. Come on O." Raven grabs Octavia's arm who send an apologetic look back at Clarke before they both disappear around the corner.

"Great. My best friend hates me and my other best friend chose her over me. Great." Clarke sighs, then turns to Bellamy, who she knew was standing behind her.

"You know how my sister is. You guys will make up. Raven just needs time to heal. Then you should talk to her."

Clarke nods in agreement, then hears the ring of the warning bell. "We should get to homeroom. Let's get a move on mop head." She ruffles Bellamy's hair and they both walk to class together.


Lexa is sitting in a makeup chair, prepping for her interview, Costia Frost storms onto set, "HIGH SCHOOL? YOU'RE GOING TO HIGH SCHOOL?!"

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