Last Concert

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Your POV

I groan and rub my eyes, stretching and waking up. Brendon isn't next to me. I open my curtain and Tyler and Josh are still asleep. Brendon isn't in his bunk and I hear someone talking in the bathroom. I get out of bed and walk to the door. "Brendon? You in there?" I ask knocking lightly on the door. "Yeah, sorry" He says walking out and he is on the phone. "Hey, yeah, I got to go"  He says hanging up the phone and kissing me. "Hey babe" He says smiling. "Who was that?" I ask smiling back up at him. "I was talking to Ryan, we got a good plan going for the last concert." He said walking to the couch with me. "Wait, so is he gonna meet us there?" I ask and Brendon smiles and Tyler walks out groggy and sleepy. "Ryden exists." He mumbles and Brendon blushes and I roll my eyes at them. "Hey you know it isn't real Brendon why do blush every time someone says something about Ryden? I mean, everyone knows were engaged but people still ship Ryden. I mean, sometimes I forget about us and I even ship it" I chuckle "No, its nothing, I guess that's just a trigger for me." He says and I smirk and get up and go to the bathroom. I look in the mirror at my scars and frown. I close the door and start changing my clothes. I put on my older black P!ATD tank top. it had the old band on it. Then I put on my red and black flannel. Along with my black jeans. My P!ATD dog tag and snap back hat. I walk out and I see Brendon in his old outfit...His white button up, black jeans, black suspenders, and his black converse. "Brendon...where is your blazer, what's up with this outfit?" I ask looking at him confused. "I thought since this is our last concert for a while ill do something special and sing some older songs and wear my older outfit." He smiles. I look at him confused and sigh walking up to him and straightening his bow tie. He smiles and kisses my head. "Were almost there, look there's the lot" Josh says pointing through the window. We all look as we turn in the lot with the two other buses. The rest of panic and FOB. We park and get out and Pete immediately embraces me in a hug. I hug him back and chuckle. "I missed you to Pete" We chuckle. "So how have you been doing with the whole anxiety attack stuff?" he asks quietly. "I've been better" I say greeting everyone else. We walk into Brendon's dressing room. I'm the first one and I scream as I see who is sitting on his couch. I turn and run to Brendon and start jumping up and down like crazy. "Oh my gosh oh my gosh RYAN RYAN RYAN!!!!!" I shout and Brendon chuckles as everyone walks in the room and Brendon takes a deep breath as me and him walk in. "Hey Bren!" Ryan says embracing him in a hug. "Hey Ry" He says hugging him back. I smile and try to not fan girl but when I realize I'm in a room full of famous people I cant help it and I immediately let out a girly squeal. Everyone laughs at me and I blush as Brendon comes over and comforts me. "(y/n), this is Ryan, Ryan, this is (Y/N)" Brendon says and me and Ryan chuckle.   "Omg Brendon why would I know him, its Ryan Ross!" I say jumping up and down again. They all laugh and I blush as Ryan gives me a hug and we all sit down. "So what's going on Brendon? Your dressing differently and Ryan is here all dressed up to..." I say but I realize what's going on. "Wait, is he doing a concert with you?" I ask a bit surprised Brendon chuckles. "Yeah, but only for tonight. So I hope you don't mind but I don't think your coming out on stage tonight" Brendon says and I nod. "That's fine." I say kissing him. A guard comes in and takes everyone to their own dressing rooms. Ryan stays with me and Brendon and Brendon helps Ryan with his makeup. I sit and watch as they finish and Brendon sits next to me and I lean on him, snuggling close. Soon they are called back and I walk backstage to watch them. They start playing a bunch of their older songs. They look just like they did when Ryan was in the band. they do the usual Ryden things. A lot of flirting. I didn't get jealous until, Ryan, he kisses Brendon. I tear up and run back to the bus. I'm guessing the band had stopped playing because I look out the window and Brendon and Ryan are out there and Brendon is pushing Ryan around. I open a window to hear them. "What the hell Ryan! I have a fiancé! You cant just do that!" He shouts at Ryan who is in tears. "I'm sorry Bren"

"Don't call me that!" Brendon shouts throwing a punch at Ryan. I know Ryan was wrong but I cant let him get hurt . "Brendon, stop!" I shout running towards him. they both look toward me and Ryan falls to his knees and Brendon runs to me. "(Y/N) I'm so sorry, if I knew he would do that I wouldn't have let him be in the concert." he said tearing up. "listen I'm sorry ok?!" Ryan shouts with a bloody nose and looking up at Brendon. I cry into Brendon's  chest.

Brendon's pov

I hold (Y/N) to my chest. I knew that this was a bad idea. Especially after this happened last time. I turn to Ryan. "Why...I let you preform with me...You told me you were over this!" I shout and Ryan just cries harder. "I don't know, Brendon, I love you, I've always loved you. I knew you had a fiancé, I didn't know what to do and that part of me just took over I guess..." he said and I got even more mad. "Bull crap! Leave, I don't ever want to see you again" I shout and Ryan stands up.

Ryan's pov

I nod and look at (Y/N). "I understand. Since this is the last time I will get to see you, and the first time I got to meet (Y/N), may I have a private talk/ apology with her?" I ask Brendon sincerely. "Hell no! you kissed me, who knows what you could do to her while I'm not there!" (Y/N) puts her hand on his shoulder. "Its ok Brendon...he wont hurt me..." She says and Brendon agrees and walks away.

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