Hotel room

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your pov

"Aiden!?" I ask speechlessly. He pulls me in for a quick hug. "Hey (Y/N)! How have you been?" Aiden asks leaving a hand on my shoulder. "I've been doing great. Man, you've really grown up...wait. Ugh, sorry, I have to finish getting us checked in. But we should catch up later. Im here with a few other friends so it would sure be nice to get together, maybe tonight for dinner?" I ask, trying to hurry up. "Sounds great! How about at 9:00 at the slope side lounge?" He asks. The slope side lounge is just a lounge that is in the building. "Can we do 10:00? We got here kinda late and we have to unpack still." I say and he nods and walks off with a girl that was sitting on her phone. It was probably his girlfriend. "Here you go ma'am." the lady at the counter says handing me three room keys. I say my thank you's  and walk back out to the bus. I tell them where to park and they do so. We were staying at the Heather inn witch was just across the parking lot of the lodge.

"So what's our room number?" Josh asks as I hand him a key. "We are in room 369" I respond as I slip my arm around Brendon's back while he holds my waist and we make our way to the elevator. I push the number three which is the top floor. We wait for a couple seconds listening to terrible elevator music till we hear a quiet ding and the doors open. I swear I feel like a little girl again because I literally started jumping up and down while I darted out of the elevator and down the halls looking at each door till I got to the end of the hall where there was a dead end. I stopped and turned around to see Brendon, Tyler, and Josh standing in the middle of the hall way chuckling at me. "Our rooms right here silly" Brendon shouts down the hall to me. I just laughs and take off down the hall to them when I cant stop and I crash into Brendon making the both of us tumble onto the floor laughing. "Sorry, im just so excited!" I say trying to push myself off of Brendon. "Its ok, im just happy to see you this happy." Brendon says helping me up. I hear Josh starts laughing and I look over to him to see him recording. "hey! don't post that!" I shout. "Im not, im just sending this to your mom, she wanted to see your first expression when we got here so im gonna be vlogging a lot the week." He says grinning from ear to ear. I pull out my room key and slowly put it to the door. My hand shaking like crazy I open the door and squeal when I see our room. It was just how I remembered it! A small kitchen, living room, master bed room. A loft with two beds a closet and a bathroom. I was so excited I started jumping around in a circle in the middle of the room. Everyone else just laughs as they enter the room.

(A/N:  Yes this is one of the rooms I have stayed in at their hotel

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(A/N:  Yes this is one of the rooms I have stayed in at their hotel. Man, there are great memories in this place)

I immediately ran into the master bedroom and I pulled Brendon in with me. "I call shot gun!" I say as I toss myself on the bed. Josh and Tyler run up the stairs and argue about who gets what bed. "Not trying to ruin your excitement (Y/N) but we have to unpack" Brendon says pulling me off the bed. I agree and tell Tyler and Josh were going to get our things. Me and Brendon walk to the elevator and as we go down Kenny, Dallon and Dan gone out of the elevator with their stuff. "Did you guys get everything on the list I gave you?" I ask and they all agree except for Dallon. "No...I forgot my coat" He says sarcastically. We laugh and go down the elevator. "Brendon,  I cant explain how happy I am to be here. I really appreciate you doing this for me." I say hugging Brendon tightly. He hugs back and we walk outside and we grab all of our suitcases and put them on a dolly and we roll them in and onto the elevator. We knock roughly on the door because it was really hard for us to open the door. Tyler comes rushing in and he holds the door open as far as he can while me and Brendon push it inside. I grab my suitcase and unpack while the guys do the same thing. I look at the time and see its already 9:00. "Guys, one of my old ski school friends bumped into me earlier and were going our for dinner with him at 10 so how about I give you guys a tour?" I say and they all agree. There wasn't much in the Heather inn so we walked over to the lodge. "So here is the gift shop, and down there are more hotel rooms." I say pointing to my right as soon as we walk in. "Then over there are the doors to get to the slopes. Oh and there is the check in and here is a little hang out area." I say pointing to each spot I say. "Now these stairs lead to the dining room where we will be having breakfast, lunch and most dinners. And over here are bathrooms and this way is the slope side lounge. Oh, and down there, the arcade." I say as I lead them down the stairs into the arcade. "Wow, (Y/N), this place is amazing. no wonder you like it so much." Tyler says putting a hand on my shoulder.  "Yeah, I love this place so much, I just wish my mom could have been here to feel this happy to." I say as I check the time. 9:56. "oh, guys lets go back to the slop side, my friend is waiting for us." I say leading them back to the lounge.

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