Month 1

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(A/N, Ok can we all just take a second to appreciate this picture...Im sorry but like....Its my first time seeing it and im just like, fan  girl overload)

Brendons POV

Its been about a month, my foot had head and (Y/N) has a small belly bump. We just got back from another doctor appointment and (Y/N) had decided to tell her mom and finally talk to her dad.  Josh and Tyler had still been at our house to keep an eye on (Y/N). They really care about her. Me and (Y/n) had been sitting on the couch. My hand on her stomach and her laying back. We hear a knock on the door and (Y/N) groans and starts to get up but Tyler quick to react gets to the door first. And in walks her mom and dad. Me and (Y/N) Are covers with a big blanket so they cant see her bump. They both take a seat across from each other and look towards us. 

Your POV

I refuse to look at my dad. I take a deep breath in and look over to my mom. "Mom...Dad..I wanted to invite you to our wedding....And i also...wanted to invite you to our baby shower..." I say standing up Showing my slight baby bump. I look over to my dad who looks in shock. He looks over to Brendon with a glare. "How dare you touch my baby!" He says getting up and running towards brendon. "Dad stop!" I shout as Josh and Tyler run over and hold him back. Brendon pulls me back down to him and holds me close. "Get away from her! Leave her Alone!" He shouts pulling and pushing to get away from Josh and Tyler. I bury my head in Brendons chest. "Sir, you need to calm down. We are getting married and i hadn't forced her into anything. This had been  our choice together" Brendon says and tries to continue but is cut off by my dad. "No! Thats not ok! She is an innocent little girl and way to young for that!" He shouts slowly giving up and falling down. I get up and go to his side. "Dad...its OK...i Promise...I wanted this...and im not to young...Brendon is an amazing guy and he takes care of me. I promise its ok." I say and rub his back. He hugs me tight. I give a shocked look and look at Brendon. "I just dont want my baby to grow up...I missed your whole life and i only remember you as a little girl...and when you were born...I promised i wouldn't let anyone touch you...And now...I feel like i failed." My dad says. I hug him back. "You didn't fail...I promise...I just grew up" I say and we pull away and he helps me stand back up and sit with Brendon. He apologizes and sits down. We talk for about an hour before it gets late and they leave. Me and brendon get in bed and and he holds me, softly rubbing my belly.

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