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your pov

We walked back up to the slope side lounge to meet with Aiden. "Wait, guys wait here...I had completely forgot, he might know about you" I say pushing them back down to the arcade. "Ok well hurry up, im hungry, I haven't eaten all day." Josh says. I walk out and find Aiden with the girl he was with earlier, along with two older people. "Hey Aiden!" I say as he embraces me in another hug. "Hey really quick...this may be the weirdest question and way out of the blue but do you know Panic! At The Disco or Twenty One Pilots?" I ask and he gives me the weirdest look. "Uh... yeah actually, im a big fan of both" He says and I grab his hand and take him to the arcade. "(Y/N), I thought we were going to get dinner with your friends, why are we going to play video games?" He asks sternly as he follows me down the stairs. "were not playing games silly, were going to meet my friends." I say and he looks at me confused while I shove him down the last couple steps. "Brendon! Tyler! Josh! come meet my old friend!" I say as Aiden just stands there shocked at the sight of them. "Aiden this is Tyler, Josh, and Brendon. Im sure you know who they are." I say leading Aiden over to them. "N-nice t-to meet y-you guys" Aiden says extending his hand out to each of them. "Its nice to meet you to Aiden, I've heard a lot about you." Brendon says wrapping an arm around my waist. "Y-you have!? Wait, (Y/N) how do you know them, why are they here, what's going on???" Aiden said. "Its a long story, but lets just say Brendon has done so much for me and I wont ever be able to re-pay him" I say looking up at Brendon. "(Y/N), I have you and I don't want you to re-pay me, just being my gir- I mean just being here is great enough" Brendon says slipping his arm away. "Wait, you two are dating aren't you!" Aiden says getting this big grin on his face. Man I loved that smile. "Haha! Yeah, beebo has a girlfriend." Josh says laughing. "Can we go eat now...im hungry" Tyler complains. "Yeah, lets go" I say holding Brendon's hand and walking back upstairs. "Over here guys, this is our table." Aiden says pointing us to the table with the three other people. "OMG! (Y/N), is it really you! Haha, of course it is, what am I saying" The younger girl says to me. The one I thought was Aiden's girlfriend. I take a closer look and it hits me. "OMG! Reagan! Hey! I missed you so much!" I say as she gets up and give each other a hug. Reagan is Aiden's little sister. The other people were his parents. We sit and talk until a waitress comes to take our orders. Everyone orders a plate of nachos and water. "So (Y/N), why did you guys stop coming up here?" Aiden asks which turns my whole happy mood upside down. "Um...its kinda a long story but long story short...uh...my d-dad k-kinda, well he uh...he kinda left...my m-mom" I say trying not to get choked up. I feel Brendon's hand rest on my thigh to tell me its gonna be ok. "um...we kinda lost money as time w-went by" I say clearing my throat. "Oh, I-im sorry (Y/N). I, I didn't know." Aiden says clearly feeling bad. "No, its not your fault... im just glad I was able to come back. I was gonna take my mom but she didn't want to come." I say continuing my food. "Um...anyways, how have you guys been? Have you gotten out onto the slopes yet?" I ask trying to get my mind off of my dad. "Oh, yeah, we've been good. And yeah, We just got out today. The snow was perfect actually. We all had a pretty nice run today" Aiden says and the rest just agree. Brendon looks at me and gives me a big smile. "Wow, so for first timers it would be good?" Brendon asks. "Yeah, its perfect, but I don't know how its gonna be tomorrow." Reagan says. I look at my phone and check the time. 10:49. "Hey sorry guys but we have to go to now. Its getting late and we have to go rent our skis tomorrow morning." I say standing up with everybody. "ok, it was great getting to catch up." Aiden says standing up and giving me a hug. We all said our goodbye's and left and started walking back to the Heather inn. It felt like it had gotten 100 times colder outside. I started shivering when Brendon noticed and he pulled me close to his side and held me tight as we walked and entered the hotel. It felt so much better in there. We walked to the elevator and Josh pushed all the buttons.  We waited and listened to the terrible elevator music again until we heard the silent ding. We were all thinking the same thing because at the same time we all dashed out of the elevator and down the halls racing to our room. Josh won first, Brendon was second, I came a close third and Tyler was fourth. Well, to be fair he was the last one out of the elevator. But Josh won and opened the door for all of us. Brendon had just gone into our room and threw  himself on the bed. "Ugh, im beat" I jump on top of him and giggle while he just makes an 'oof' sound. "Well Mr. sleepy head, its gonna get worse the next week. Skiing is really gonna kick your butt." I say while rolling off and onto my side of the bed. "UUGGHH! Why don't you just go skiing, ill stay here with Kenny Dallon and Dan." He says chuckling. "No, you are gonna learn how to ski and your gonna like it." I say laying on my back facing the celling.  "Ugh, your so complicated, you know that right." He says rolling on top of me this time. "I know" I say giggling before his lips are pressed to mine. It slowly becomes into a heated make out session until there is a knock on our door. Brendon rolls off as I giggle and he says come in. "Hey guys, were gonna go to bed. And uh, Tyler wanted me to tell you guys to keep it down in here and to not stay up to late cuz we have a big day tomorrow." Josh smirks. "Oh my gosh, Josh we weren't gonna do anything like that. We haven't even talked about that and we aren't ready...we just started dating" I say and Josh just laughs and walks out closing the door behind him. Me and Brendon start laughing like crazy. We both get under the covers and turn so we are facing each other.  "Man, I haven't been in a bed this comfy since we started tour." Brendon smirks. "Yeah, im really happy to be here. I really missed this place. Thank you so much Brendon." I say and with that we cuddle up close and fall asleep.

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