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Your pov

I was really scared to show Brendon my artwork but I know I had to show him. I grabbed my sketch book and Brendon helped me off the bed and I walked out to the couch where Tyler and Josh were sitting talking about my art and looking on my social media. "So, (Y/N), if you didn't want me to see the art work, why did you post it on your social media?" Tyler asked. "I DIDNT KNOW YOU WERE FOLLOWING ME!?" I screamed turning around to run back to my bunk but I had slammed into Brendon, as he held in a tight embrace and I started to cry. "(Y-Y/N). Don't cry. It makes me sad to see you sad. Please, we won't judge. We all LOVE your art. We think your amazing at in and we really want to see more" Brendon had said to me. I just nodded and squeezed him tighter and let go as I sat next to Josh and he gave me a big bear hug and left his arm over my shoulder. Brendon was glaring at him and grabbed my hand and we intertwined our fingers. They felt like they had been shaped for each other. I used my other hand to slowly open to the first page of my sketch book. It was my first sketch of the whole panic! Band in 2004. It was my very first drawing and it wasn't that good. "I-I'm sorry about this o-one. It was my first dra-" I was stopped when Brendon had slammed his lips to mine. It was a long and hard kiss, but passionate. I was surprised. But I sank into the kiss as Josh and Tyler just look at us in awe. Josh removes his arm from my shoulder and that's when we break the kiss. "(Y/N), you don't need to apologize or explain anything. I get it was your first drawing and it wasn't your best but it is still amazing" Brendon says now putting his arm on my shoulder as he sticks his tongue out playfully at Josh. We continue to go through my sketches until we come across the one I was avoiding. I quickly turn the page and plant my face in Brandon's chest as I allow them to look at it. It's a pic of Brendon shirtless and he was sweaty at a concert. And the most embarrassing part was a caption I had wrote on it.

Caption reades:
Brendon, my super hero. The one that I could always feel that special connection with even though we had never met. The one who isn't scared to tell the world anything. The one who helps with my depression. My one and only, Brendon Urie

I still had my face planted in his chest as he read the note out loud. I wasn't expecting him to read it out loud but he did. After he did I jumped into his arms nearly taking him to the floor. I was trying hard not to cry but I could feel it coming. "I'm sorry!" I managed to say as Brendon pulled me to his chest tighter. "There's nothing to be sorry about" Brendon said.  We sat back up and by this point Brendon was wiping my tears and kissing my head. We were going through the rest of my book and there were only two more pics that had captions. The one of Josh said

Josh Dun, the one who I feel was always there to keep me happy when I'm sad. The one who can do something so stupid but makes me laugh anyways. To who I consider a big brother, Josh Dun.

I was embarrassed as Josh read his aloud to everyone. I blushed and he gave me the biggest hug. "Aww, love you little sis" Josh said chuckling and giving me a pat on the head. I blushed and giggled as it came to Tyler's note. To be honest I wasn't expecting them to read these but they did. Tyler looked at me as I handed him the sketch pad for him to read it aloud.

Tyler Joseph, the cute and shy one. Who I also consider a big brother. The one I feel understand me the most. I always felt this family like connection with you. I felt like you have always been there for me. To the one I hope to always be there for, Tyler Joseph.

I blushed when he read it, he had tears forming in his eyes. I couldn't help but let the same tears form in my eyes to. I could tell what he was thinking. He got up and hugged me tight. He lifted me off the ground and spun me in a circle. I giggled and when he set me down I was so dizzy I fell into Brendon's lap. Brendon caught me and I blushed as I buried my head in his chest. We went through the rest of my sketches and the sun was setting and I had completely forgotten about Brendon date with me tonight. I quickly got up and ran to the bathroom to do my hair, makeup, nails, and get dressed. I had a short flowly dress on. I came out and when Brendon saw me he swept me off my feet and kissed my cheek all over. "You look amazing!" Brendon said. "T-thanks" I said blushing.

-Time skip to dinner-
Brendon's pov

I just couldn't get over how beautiful (Y/N) looked tonight. She was stunning. While we were diving I had one hand sitting on her thigh the whole ride while she had her hand on top of mine. We pulled into the parking lot and before she could get out I had quickly opened her door for her. "Thx" she said blushing. "Wait, Brendon, are you sure their open. There's like nobody here." She said. "I had to reserve the whole restaurant. I'm a pop star, are you crazy. If I haven't then we wouldn't get to have peace." I said. She stopped dead in her track. "(Y/N), are you OK?" I asked snapping a finger towards her. "S-sorry, I just came back to reality realizing I'm on a date with my hero" she says blushing. I hold her hand and walk inside. The first thing that caught my eye was a grand piano. It was amazing.

Your pov

I was still in shock I was on a date with my hero.  When we walked in Brendon noticed the piano. It was so cute how he looked at it. We were greeted by a waitress that looked very familiar. "Hello, I'm Sarah and I will be helping you guys today." She said.
She gave me the dirtiest look and I just gave Brendon's Hans a small squeeze to let him know I'm feeling uncomfortable. He looked over at me and saw my eyes get foggy. He pulled me close to him and gave me a peck on the lips to let me know everything is gonna be ok. Sarah seated us and handed us our menu's but as she walked away she rubbed Brendons shoulder. "Slut" he mumbled as she walked away. I got foggy eyes again. "Hey, hey! It's OK! Breath, she can't do anything. I love you OK? Not her, me and her are done." Brendon said rubbing my hand. "I love you to Brendon" I said but then Sarah was standing behind and as she walked over to Brendon she had bumped into me on purpose. I tried not to cry as she put her hand on Brendon's shoulder again. "Don't you even dare touch me Sarah! Were over! Accept it and move on! I don't love you any more I love (Y/N) Now take our order and get out of here" Brendon yelled at Sarah. She quickly moved her hand and her eyes got foggy as I tried to hold back a laugh. I was really happy when Brendon had stuck up for us like that. She took our order and brought us our food. We ate and I had gone to the bathroom to make sure I still looked decent. When I walked out Brendon wasn't at our table. I heard the piano and looked over to see Brendon playing. I had walked over and sat next to him and I started to play with him. We just sat there playing the piano for about 5 minutes and when he stopped he looked at me intertwining our fingers. "(Y/N), I have something very important to ask you." He said as I started to blush as I know what he was gonna ask. "(Y/N) I know I haven't known you for long but ever since I saw you when you tried to help me from falling on a brick that one night, I knew you were the one, my one and only. I had always felt like I had a connection with someone but I didn't know who it was. But when I saw you, I knew it would be you. I fell in love without even knowing it. After I heard you backstory I count help but love you more and more. And that beautiful face, and giggle and everything you do just makes my heart melt. The way your insecure about everything, the way you look up to me...ugh, I just, well what I'm trying to say is..." He said scratching the back of his neck. He got down on one knee. "(Y/N) will you be my girlfriend?" He asked. I couldn't help but cry. "Yes Brendon!" I said as I let the tears fall from my face. He picked me up and hugged me so tight. But then I saw Sarah run up behind him and shove him to the ground before she had taken out her car keys and placed them between her knuckles and she had punched me right in the face knocking me to the floor unconscious.

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