Month 6

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Im now 6 months and i Have grown a lot bigger. Brendon is in his room doing a cover of Hallelujah. I sit on the couch reading a book of baby names when i feel a small thud against my wrist. I give a confused look and place my hand on my stomach when i feel it again. My eyes light up. "Brendon!" i shout and i hear him thud down the stairs. "What?! Whats wrong!?" He shouts. I chuckle and take his hand and place it on my stomach so he can feel. "Shes kicking" I say softly. Brendon smiles and sits down next to me with his  hand still on my belly. He leans down and kisses my belly. I smile. I give brendon the list of names i had liked and he immediately says "Dawn" I smile as that was my favorite to. "our little baby Dawn." I say and he smiles and nods. 

After that he had gone back to finish his cover. Later that night Brendon had gone out with Pete for dinner while i was left home. I sit on the couch eating a jar of pickles when all of a sudden i feel a strong pain in my stomach and back. I wince and call Josh just so im not home alone. "Hey (Y/N), is everything ok?" He asks through the phone. "I think so, Brendon is out with Pete and im not feeling to well" I say but before i finish, "Im on my way" He says and hangs up. 10 minutes later the door opens and josh walks in and rushes to my side. "Jeez, im fine josh, chill. It should be normal. Just a sma-" I get cut off by yiping with another pain. "Im taking you to the hospital" Josh says and he packs up and calls Brendon. Then he takes me over to the hospital and checks me in. Soon brendon and Pete show up. Brendon rushes  to my side. "(Y/N)? What happened" he asks checking me over. I chuckle. "Im fine, just some small pains...Its normal" i say as they call me back.The doctor checks me over and they tell me that they were small false contractions. After we get home then Brendon lays me in bed wanting me to rest.

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