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Your pov

I lay in the hospital bed resting. The doctor had given me some pain meds and checked my dilation. I was only dilated 3 cm. Brendon was pacing the halls on the phone talking to Tyler. After he gets off the phone a doctor comes in with brendon. "So you are one of the very lucky patients. Your baby is fully developed and is in the perfect position. If it were any different, we would've had to rush you into surgery. And your baby is perfectly healthy." She says and me and Brendon both sigh in relief. Soon Tyler, Josh and Aiden walk in. I feel a little relieved to see Aiden was here. I look to him, still in pain and he walks over to me. "Hey, how are you feeling?" He asks rubbing my arm. I sigh. "Im better knowing Dawn is ok. But still in a lot of pain." I say and brendon sits next to me on the bed. "Your mom and dad are in the waiting room." Tyler says standing at my feet. i nod and feel a contraction hit. i wince and Brendon holds my hand. I breath hard as it quickly passes. Aiden softly pets my head. "Im sorry your going through this." He says. "It will all be worth it...i just wish she would hurry up" I say and brendon kisses my head. "Its gonna be a while babe...but were a lot closer" Brendon says rubbing my belly softly. I nod and another contraction hits. I yipe in pain as a doctor comes in to check my dilation. "Your doing great. your dilation is at 6 now. Almost there" She says and i sigh. After she leaves i lay my head back. "Ugh i just want to go scared..." I say and Brendon looks at me. "Guys, could you give us some time..." Brendon asks and they leave. "(Y/N) its gonna be ok, im right here. There's nothing to be afraid of" He says rubbing my leg. "There's so much to be afraid of. What if im not a good mother, or she hates me, or, or what if i pass out, what if something happens during delivery, what if i cant take it anymore and just give up...not only that but its going to hurt so bad..." I say. "Those are all what ifs....and i know its going to hurt...but just think about how amazing it will be to finally have her here. Do it for her...for us...and dont worry, dont stress, if you stress the baby will stress which will make everything so much more difficult." He says and i nod.

-time skip-

I feel a stronger contraction, worse than all the other ones. I arch back in pain as the doctors surround me and check once again. "Your now dilated 10, go ahead and start pushing. slow to start" The lady says. I brace myself and hold Brendons hand. i start pushing and immediately feel a strong stretching pain. I scream in pain and stop and breath. "Your doing great. keep going." The doctor reassures me. I nod and look to Brendon. He nods and gives my hand a small squeeze. I start to push again and the pain gets worse....

-another time skip cuz im not going into detail-

"One more push and your baby will be here." The doctor says ad Brendon wipes the sweat drops off with a cold rag. I take in a deep breath and push and feel a strong relief and the room soon fills with little baby cries. I fall back breathing hard and brendon kisses my head. "You did it." He smiles with tears in his eyes. The doctor cleans me up while a nurse walks in the room with Dawn. Shes wrapped i a small pink blanket. The  nurse hands her to me and i tear up looking at her peaceful face. "Hi...your so perfect" I whisper as the doctors finish and allow me and Brendon some privacy. "She has your eyes." Brendon says. I smile and nod allowing him to hold her. "Our perfect creation"

hey everyone, so i wanted to let you know that this book is sadly coming to an end. BUT! i have a sequal coming out! And im very excited for it. This book will be about your daughter Dawns life. And a bit of an inside look is that her Parents are always gone o Tour and when she is 15, a boy moves in next door...this boy is 16. They go to school together and start dating. But when dawn's parents get off tour her dad blocks all contact with the two. They start sneaking out at night and ya. Well, that boy is Shawn ya idk ive got high expectations for this book, so i might finish this book here in the next chapter...Ahgh! * Holds in tears* Its come such a long way. Lol well ya. Tell me what you think and if you have any ideas. Buh bYe

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