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Hey guys. I just wanted to give a little explanation with the book so far. Basically my parents take me and my brothers on a sky trip every year march 5th-11th. And my mom has been doing it since she was very little. I've been going to this very ski resort that you see in the pic above since I was a baby. I have been learning slowly how to ski since I was two. Crazy, I know. And, yes this pic does look unreal but if you were here and pointed somewhere on the pic I would be able to tell you where that is. It is almost time for our ski trip. My family and I have been packing to leave this weekend and I am so excited. Never in my life have we skipped a year there except for last year due to some issues. But this year we are going and im so, so excited. So, yeah, its like my second home. Also yes, there was a boy who I HAD the biggest crush on. But anyways, just enjoy the story and please comment and tell me your ideas for what I should write.

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