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Your POV

I wake up the next morning with a terrible feeling. I lay there for a minute until I get up and rush to the bathroom. I sit there in front of the toilet and throw up. A bit later I clean up and get a glass of water. I brush my teeth and walk back to bed feeling slightly dizzy. "Are you ok?" I hear Brendon ask. I look to him and he wraps him arms around me laying his head on my stomach. "I heard you puking." He says. "I uh....yeah...I guess I just caught a cold." I say thinking about it. Brendon puts his hand on my  head. "Your not hot...have you had a sore throat or headaches for a while?" He asks. I shake my head. "Well, maybe I just ate some bad food" I say "What have you eaten?" He asks. I shrug and think about it. I hadn't eaten anything bad.... "Maybe I just need rest" I say an lay down and cuddle up to Brendon. I lay there and my mind wanders. I try to not think about it till the feeling comes again. Once again I run to the bathroom and puke. Throughout the day I had been puking. Tyler went and bought Brendon some crutches and I went to the store for the only reasonable explanation. I get to the store and I meet Zoey. We hug and talk a bit.

"So, how have you and Brendon been doing!? I heard you guys are gonna get married!?" She asks excitedly.  "Uh, yeah, We haven't talked about the wedding much but yeah, were getting married." I say looking down, feeling uneasy. "(Y/N)? Are you ok?" Zoey asks I shake me head and breath. I take her hand and walk with her through the female care section. I start looking at the pregnancy tests and she sees where I'm looking and freaks out. I quickly cover her mouth before she can shout anything. I nod and grab a pack. "Don't say a word in public. Ill buy these and ill explain in the bathroom." I say and we walk to the check out. After we check out we walk straight to the bathroom and luckily nobody was in there. "You had sex with Brendon Urie!" She shouts and jumps up and down. I go into a stall and take the test. "Shut up please. It was after he proposed" I Said walking out of the stall. I take a deep breath and Zoey hugs me. "Hey, its gonna be ok, he loves you and he wont leave you. Just think about having a little baby in your house...You, the wife of Brendon Urie, and your child....You having a child with Brendon Urie..." She says trying to help me. "But, what if I'm not a good mother. I'm not ready for a child and Brendon might not even want kids." I say sniffing a bit. "I promise, everything will be fine. And if Brendon does leave you, which he wont, ill be there for you. And so will your mom, we will help you through all of it." She says again. I nod and let go. I let the test proses on the counter top while I lean on the wall and wait...the hardest part of this...waiting....

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