On The Road Again

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(A/N: Trigger warning, please don't hurt yourself)

Your pov

I was really bored and me and Aiden had already talked. I decided to take out my sketch pad and draw a pic of Brendon, Tyler, Josh, Aiden, Reagan and me.  I took one of the pictures that we had taken the other day and used it to look off of. I had finished everyone except Aiden. I couldn't focus while drawing him. I kept getting all of his features wrong and messing up. But soon enough I had finished. I was so proud of myself. I posted the pic and sent it to Aiden.

Aiden: Omg, (Y/N), did you draw that?"

Me: Yeah, you like?

Aiden: I love it!

Me: Thanks

We talked a bit more about my drawing and then I had fallen asleep.

*Nightmare starts*

"(Y/N), please!" Aiden shouts. I run to him but he's laughing. "You pathetic piece of crap!" he yell shoving me to the ground. I look up at this giant standing over top of me. "You think he cares about you. Haha, he knows your using him for fame (Y/N), just leave him. I will give you everything you need" He says but his voice gets deeper. So deep its un-human. "Aiden, no. I love Brendon. I would never use him." I say tearing up. Then all of a sudden a spotlight hits down on a bloody bruised Brendon that has been tied up in a chair. "I knew it, you never loved me. All you cared about was hurting me. We were never friends. You just used me! You wanted to hurt me. I knew it" Aiden says pulling a small blade out of his pocket. He unwraps it and holds it to his wrist while laughing. "AIDEN NOO. Don't do this! Your my best friend I can help." I say struggling to get back to my feet but it feels like invisible hands are holding me down. "Aiden, stop!" I yell but its to late. His cut went to deep. he was gone. When I looked over to Brendon...He was gone to.

*Nightmare ends*

I wake up screaming and crying for Brendon but im already in his lap and he's hushing me. "There there, im right here. Breath" He says and I slowly come to. "B-Brendon...What happened?" I ask and he dry's my tears. "Babe, you were having another night terror. What's going on?" He asks while he lays his head In my neck. His warm breath sends shivers down my spine. "I, I don't really know...wait, what time is it?" I ask looking outside and I can tell the sun is rising. "Its 7, you fell asleep about an hour after we got on the bus and you were out pretty long. We have a concert tonight" He says and I just give a week smile as Tyler comes out and hugs me to make sure everything is ok.  "(Y/N), are you ok?" Josh asks walking out to the couch. "Y-yeah im fine." I choked. Brendon rubs my arm and kisses my cheek. We sit and talk all day. We get to an empty parking lot. "(Y/N), were having another band joining us on tour." Brendon says and two more buses pull into the lot. One of them is our second bus, the other is one that I had never seen, but I knew exactly who it was. We walked outside and Brendon was so excited. He was holding my hand and swinging it like a little kid. I giggled at his actions. We all stopped and met with Dallon, Dan and Kenny.  Then we waited for the other bus members. I literally screamed when I saw the first person walk out. Pete Wentz. Omg, omg, omg, omg, omg, omg, omg, fan girl, fan girl, fan girl!!!!!!!! One after another, Pete, then Patrick, then Andy, and then Joe. I couldn't believe my eyes. I started jumping around and squealing like a little girl. I was so excited! Soon after I calmed down I gave each of them a hug and introduced myself. They all seemed to know that Brendon was my boyfriend. "Guys, GUYS!!!!! The fans!!!!!@" Patrick shouted. We all turn our heads and there is a big swarm of fans running towards us. We all take off running to the door of the stadium. We were laughing and running as fast as we can and the fans were all screaming. We made it inside and locked the door behind us. Me and Brendon fall to the floor breathing and laughing hard, hand in hand. Everyone else is breathing and laughing watching us. I look over at Brendon who is still laughing but looking at me. I laugh more and close my eyes looking up to the celling. When I open my eyes I look around and Pete is looking at us and smiling. "Hey uh...Bren, can I talk to you...Alone?" Pete asks. I just look at them with the same confused look Brendon has on his face. "Uh...sure Pete. Guys, can you take (Y/N) to my dressing room?" Brendon asks. They all agree and take me back.

Brendon's pov

They all take (Y/N) back. As there walking she looks back at me and she gives me a confused look and I shrug my shoulders. After they enter the room I look back at Pete who looks a little worried. "Pete what's-" I ask but he cuts me off. "You really love her don't you?" I just give him a 'you have to be kidding me right?' look. "Are you serious? Of course I love her!" I say raising my voice. "Dude, I- I just don't know...she's a fan" I cut him off. "Whoa, dude, do not go there, she is not just some fan. She is so much more than that!" I shout but Pete puts a finger to his mouth. "Shh, don't get to loud, im just saying, you have to be carful. Remember Sarah? She was using you. She wanted to use you for fame, and money! She knew you loved her. She made you think she loved you! She acted just like (Y/N)!" He shouted. "Shut up!" I almost screamed. (Y/N) ran out and put her arms around me. "What's going on?" She asked putting a hand on my cheek. I look over to Pete who is just standing there, a disappointed look on his face. "Nothing (Y/N), Lets go get ready" I say leading her back to the room. Pete doesn't come in. He ended up in his own dressing room. Soon its time for everyone to go to there dressing room. They all leave and (Y/N) stays with me. "Will you tell me why you two were yelling now?" She asks rubbing y arm. "Uh..(Y/N), its just...he thinks...um...are...ugh...Pete thinks your gonna use me....just like...Sarah." I say placing a hand on her now scarred cheek. My thumb gently rubbing across the scares. "Oh" she says before turning her head away from me. "(Y/N), I-" She cuts me off. "Do you believe him?" I don't answer her, instead I give her a passionate kiss. "Ill take that as a no." She says giggling and laying her head on my shoulder.

Your pov

 After about 30 minutes of getting ready all of the bands and members are required to move to another room. Im taken backstage and FOB are the first to play. I sit there for about an hour before TOP are next to play. Pete come backstage with me and stands next to me. "Hey Pete!" I say. Pete ignores me. "Listen (Y/N), I can see right through you...Brendon on the other hand cant. I know what your doing. Your making him fall in love just so you can break him down. Just like Sarah." He says. I start tearing up and my vision was getting blurry. "Pete, I would never do that! I love him and Sarah has nothing to do with this! She sis this to me!" I say pointing to the scares on my face. My vision get more blurry, almost black. I start crying historically and shaking. "(Y/N)? are you ok?" Pete asks tapping my shoulder. I keep shaking and crying, my vision goes completely black. "Guys!" Pete yells. I cant see but i hear that Tyler and Josh stop the show. I feel two more people come over to me. "(Y/N), (Y/N)?!" I hear Josh shout. I couldn't speak. "B-br-bre-" I choked out. Pete understood me and called for Brendon. Brendon and the other boys ran out to me. "Why did-" Brendon stopped and ran to my side. "(Y/N)! (Y/N)! Whats wrong?" He asked picking me up bridal style and carrying me to the dressing room and laying me down on the couch. I was shaking like crazy and Brendon kneelt down by my side. "(Y/N), breath, deep breaths, your ok, im here." He says running his hand through my hair. I started taking deep breaths and trying to slow down my crying. I started gaining vision and I slowly stoped shaking. When all my vision was back everyone was surrounding me. Pete right next to Brendon. I looked up to Pete who was clearly guilty. I could tell he felt really bad. He walked out of the room  and everyone made sure I was ok. Then they continued the concert and I walked back out backstage. "(Y/N)?" I turn around and see Pete. "Look, im really sorry...I didn't know you had anxiety" He says. I look down at me knees. "Neither did I." I say and he gives me a confused look. "What?" He asks. "Look, I have had so much stress put on me these past months  but...non had to do with Brendon...when you were talking to me like that...I was thinking about loosing him...then I started to have an anxiety attack. I have been having night terrors about loosing him. I will wake up in Brendon's arms and he's rocking me trying to get me to calm down. Apparently I wake them up by screaming and crying...I...I don't know....I don't know Whats wrong with me" I say and start to cry again. Pete wraps his arms around me and embraces me in a hug. "No, (Y/N), im sorry, there is nothing wrong with you. This is a normal thing that normal people have. And, now I know you not using him. Im gonna try my best to keep all the stress off of you." he says rubbing my shoulder. Soon after our conversation its time for Panic to go on. When they do the crowd goes crazy. After a couple songs the lights go out and the big screens are flashing a word. i cant make out what it says but the crowd starts to chant something. Brendon grabs my hand and leads me somewhere. I already get a hunch of what's happening. I try making out what the crowd is saying. '(Y/N), (Y/N), (Y/N), (Y/N)' They chant. I giggle at Brendon who has now thrown me onto stage. After the crowd see's me they all scream. Me and Brendon finish the concert together. Afterwards everyone congratulates me on the concert. Pete walks up to me and just says 'wow'. "What?" I ask giggling. "You can sing" He says and i laugh.

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