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Your POV

I wake up in bed in a crazy sweat. I hear yelling and crashing everywhere. I rub my head and adjust a bit. Once I wake up more I realize what's going on and I quickly rush up and down the stairs. I see Brendon on the floor, his eye black and nose and mouth bleeding. I see Ryan constantly kicking him in the stomach ad glass shattered all over the floor. "STOP!" I screech which makes Ryan turn around. He laughs and takes another beer bottle and smashes on Brendon's heads. He then walks to me and grabs my wrists. I scream out for help and I see Brendon fight to get up but he falls to the ground. "Please! Let me go! Brendon!" I scream. Ryan laughs. "Brendon? He doesn't care about you...He's sing you (Y/N) That's why I beat him. He said he was just using you to get his mind off of Sarah. He wanted to make Sarah jealous. He was playing you...he's been with Sarah this entire time" He says. I sob and see Brendon black out. "Get off of me!" I shout trying to get away. His grip tightens and he kisses my neck. I  scream out but become weak in the knees as he reaches my sweet spot. he lets go and I fall to my knees. He pats my head with a chuckle. "I'll be back" He says and leaves. "Brendon!" I shout running to Brendon's side. I shake him a bit and he doesn't move. I call 911 and he gets taken away. I call Josh and Tyler to take me up to the hospital. I sit in the back seat with josh as he holds me and I cry into his chest.

Hours later I sit next to Brendon. He still hasn't woken up. He has a broken ankle, a sliced wrist,  a black eye, cu lip with stitches. Smaller cuts all over his face. I sit with my head in my head and tired as all hell from crying so much, I have no tears left and I cant do anything. I hear the bed shift slightly and I shoot my head up seeing hes awake. "Brendon!" I shout and he looks at me. "W-were am I-I" He asks looking around. "Your in the hospital babe..." I say trying o calm down "Babe? Who are you?" He asks My eyes widen and I get closer to him. "Bren? Its me your fiancé" I say sadly. "I don't have a fiancé... what happened?" He asks. 'Did he really forget me?' I think tearing up. "All I remember was I was in a lot of pain and They guy I was fighting with was going to attack some girl. She kept screaming for help and screaming my name" He says. 'he forgot about me...'

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