More Surprises???

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Your pov

I woke up laying next to Brendon on the couch. His arm wrapped around me tightly. I look up slightly to see that he's still sleeping. He looks so cute when he sleeps. I reach over and grab my phone to check the time. 8:09 am. I look around but then decide to go back to sleep when all of a sudden. "Good morning beautiful" Brendon said. I look up at him but then look away as I blush. "Good morning" I say. "How was your sleep?" He asks. His morning voice was so deep and raspy, it was adorable. "I slept fine...after that night terror that is. How about you?" I ask. "I slept a lot better with you in my arms." He says giving me a comforting squeeze. I blush a little as Josh comes out stretching. "Hey guys" He says. "Hey" Me and Brendon say at the same time and chuckle a little bit. We sit and talk for a while before Tyler comes out shouting. "THE FAN, WE FORGOT ABOUT THE FAN!"

"Whoa, bro, calm down, what fan?" Josh asks. "The one from the hospital. We have one last day. We need to go visit her and give her our autographs and talk to her a bit to re pay her for helping us at the hospital." Tyler says. I was really confused so I just sat and listened to their conversations. "Wait, do we even have her address?" Brendon asked. And when I heard him say "her" I got really jealous. "Yeah, she wrote it on the piece of paper" Tyler said as he handed Brendon the paper. "Ok well then everybody get dressed, lets go surprise a fan." Brendon said handing the paper to Tyler. As Tyler and Josh were first to get ready I took that chance to ask what was going on. "Brendon, what fan, what's happening.?" I asked. "While I was in the waiting room a fan girl came up and was asking for our autographs but I was to upset to say anything so Josh told her to give him her name and number and we would all give her autographs but we left and didn't even think about her and well, she gave us her address and Tyler just remembered about her so were gonna go surprise her." Brendon explained. After he explained that it was my turn in the bathroom. I had put on a Big baggy Panic at the disco sweater, some black skinny jeans that were ripped at the knees, and my Panic dog tag. Then I did my hair and a little makeup and put on my 'Dope' Snapback hat. I walked out and sat on the couch as Brendon got ready. "So, what's this fans name?" I ask. "Uh..I think her name is, Zoey." Tyler said. I was a bit confused. My best friends name was Zoey. But before I could ask the address Brendon had walked out of the bathroom and asked us if we are all ready to go. We agreed and got into Tyler's car and drove off. "Tyler can you turn on the radio?" Brendon asked and Tyler just gave a sigh as Josh started laughing hysterically. Me and Brendon looked at each other with confused looks planted upon our face. "What's so funny" I asked. "I uh...I don't have" Tyler said and me and Brendon started laughing to now understanding everything. After a while  I start to notice familiar streets, then a familiar neighborhood, then a familiar house. "OH MY GOSH" I scream as we pull into the drive way and everybody looks at me as I blush from embarrassment. "What? What is it?" Brendon asks. "This is my best friend Zoey's house. Her and I were supposed to go to that one concert but she couldn't afford her ticket. Omg, what is she gonna say when she sees me with you!?" I shout. They sit in the driveway and talk up a plan with me and I was amazed. I give Brendon a quick peck before I get out and everyone gives me a thumbs up.  They all hide in the car while I walk up to the door and I hesitate to knock, but I soon do. The door slowly opens and before I can say anything I was embraced by a big bear hug. "(Y/N), I missed you so much, come in!" She says not noticing my stitches. "How have you been?" I ask casually. "I've been go- OMG (Y/N) What happened to you!?" She asked as I knew she was talking about my stitches. "Well, ill tell you but you cant tell anyone." I say as she nods. "So... I was going out for dinner and I had noticed someone very familiar. Then I was attacked and someone punched me in the face with their keys. I got knocked out and when I woke up I was with three very familiar people." I said not telling her every detail so she wouldn't figure out her surprise. "I was at the hospital with my mom for a surgery just not to long ago." She said. " Yeah, I met three people to, Guess who" She said. I gave her a little smirk. "Hand on, let me stop you there." I say taking out my phone as I start texting Brendon. "bu-" She was stopped when she heard a car door slam shut. She glanced at me in confusion as I tried my best to not laugh. "Ok, were gonna play a game." I said. "what???" She asked. "Just trust me and follow my directions, quick. Go to the kitchen and face the fridge and cover your eyes and don't peek no matter what." I said and she did but was extremely unsure of herself for trusting me. I walk to the door and open it for Brendon, Tyler, and Josh. I lead them to the kitchen and behind Zoey. "Ok Zoey, don't turn around, lets play who's voice is that" I say and giggle a bit. "(Y/N) I swear, this better not be one of your stupid weird jokes" She says. "Ok, who's this." I say as I point to Brendon. Brendon does an extremely high note which makes me try as hard as I can not to laugh. "WTF (Y/N), What was that!?" She screams trying to turn around but I stop her. "Zoey, who's voice was that? If you get all three correct I have a surprise for you." I said. "ok, ok...uh...let me hear it again." She says and I look at Brendon and give him a small smirk. He does the high note again. " it Brendon???" She asks. "YESSS" I scream. "That sounded Really close." She says "I have good speakers on my phone...anyways who's this next person?" I said as I look at Tyler. "C'mon sphen, Use your gluts" He says and I almost fall to the floor laughing. "Omg, That's easy, Tyler Joseph." She says. "Yep, right again, one more." I say and point to Josh. "I didn't choose taco bell, taco bell chose me" He said and I giggle a bit as me, Tyler, Josh, And Brendon were all trying to keep in their laughs. "That's Josh, but I don't know what this has to do with anything." She says and I smirk as I replace her hand with mine so Im now covering her eyes and I slowly turn her around. "3-2-1" I say as I move my hand and I open her eyes and she totally goes fan girl on them and jumps up and down screaming. "THEIR IN MY HOUSE, THEIR IN MY HOUSE" she says.  After about thirty minutes of explaining things she finally calms down and we all sit and talk. "Ok, well, we have to go now and get ready for tour plus we owe (Y/N) some ice cream." Tyler says to Zoey hoping she wont be upset. "Yeah, and don't tell my mom about me getting attacked, please." I ask walking out the door. she nods and closes the door behind us and we all stop when we hear a little fan girl scream. "Wow, I think Zoey is taking this much better than I did." I giggle. "Yeah, your still shy." Brendon says. "N-no im not!" I say and Brendon presses his lip to mine with such passion. When he pulls away I turn my head as I blush. "Point proven." He says as he gets in the car and Tyler starts driving us back to the bus.  A couple seconds later Brendon gets a text and Josh turns around looking at him with a 'be carful' look. "Who's the text from?" I ask trying to figure out what's going on. "I-Its from Dallon... he wants to meet up before we leave for tour" Brendon says as he looks back at Josh. I could tell there was something going on. "oh, ok... does he know about me?" I ask and Brendon nods as he intertwines our hands to make the perfect fit again. I smile at him as Josh turns to me and gives me a little smirk then does the same to Brendon. Brendon soon gets a call on his phone from Kenny. "Hello?" he answers and puts it on speaker. "Hey man, is that fan with you?" He asks and it makes me feel a little bad. "You mean (Y/N)? Yeah she's with me, and, she's not just a fan Kenny." Brendon says looking at me blushing. "That's right, you told me you had feelings for her. Did you ever ask her out?" Kenny asks and I hear Dallon Chuckling in the background. "U-uh y-" Brendon says before Tyler interrupts him. "Yep, beebo's got a girlfriend."  Brendon blushes as he buries his face in-between my shoulder and neck as we arrive at the bus. "Listen guys, we just got to my bus so if you want to head over now and meet up now then that would be perfect." Josh says as we get out of the car and enter the bus. We hang up the phone as I go grab my pain killers from the cabinet and take one. I then feel strong arms wrap around me from behind. I smile at his touch. "Your so beautiful" He says still holding me tight. "Thanks" I say blushing. "Im gonna go work on my sketching." I say as I walk to my bunk and start drawing out a sketch. Soon enough I hear a knock on the door and I just stay In my bunk to continue my sketch as all the guys get re-united with one another. "(Y/N), come meet the boys" I hear Brendon shout from the other side of the bus. Nervously I get up and walk over to where they all are and I shyly stand behind Brendon. "So your the prettiest little thing Brendon keeps talking about." Dan says and I blush a little. We all talk a bit as Brendon looks to be texting someone but then he puts his phone down and Tyler's phone goes off. "U-uh (Y/N), I owe you some ice cream don't I?" He asks and I could tell something was going on. "Y-Yeah" I say as me and Tyler get up and Brendon stands up to give me a small hug and kiss before I walk out the door and into the car. "Whats going on" I ask as I look out the window. "Don't be silly, nothing is going on." Tyler answers. I just ignore the comment and keep looking out the window. The whole time were at the Ice cream parlor Tyler was just sitting on his phone texting. They are planning something, and they don't want me to know about it...

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