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Your POV

I woke up the next morning, still feeling drained. I feel brendons arms around my waist. My back against his chest. I roll over and bury my face into his warm bare chest. I feel him bring his hand to my head letting me know hes awake. I smile as he runs his fingers through my hair lovingly. "Morning" He says in a low raspy voice. I look up at him and he kisses me. "Morning" I mumble into the kiss. We lay there for a while till he gets up and changes his clothes. "I'm going to make you breakfast in bed. So you stay here and relax." He says and walks out of his room. I reach over to the bedside table and grab my phone that had been charging. I'm guessing Brendon had plugged it in last night. I have a new text message from a private number.

Private: Hey ;)

Me: who is this?

Private: You'll find out later today. Don't worry. ;)

Me: Uh..sorry, please delete my number.

He never responded. I was so confused and I felt really unsafe.  I lay under the covers for about thirty minutes till Brendon came back upstairs with my food. He had a tray with buttered toast, two strips of bacon, two sausage links, two eggs, and a cup of coffee. I smiled as the smell filled the room. He put the tray on my lap and he sat next to me.  I ate and shared half my food with Brendon since I'm not a big eater. "So, while I was cooking, I talked to your mom, and well I'm going to be going over there and packing your things while you stay here and get to know the place and get comfortable." He says. I nod as he takes the tray and dishes downstairs. I sit up and get dressed. I give Brendon a kiss and hug good bye and I sit on the couch.

About two hours later I hear a knock on the door. I expect Brendon to be standing there with a box but when I open it I'm immediately shoved back and the door slams shut. I wait a minute till I regain sight and I look up to the man standing there. 'Ryan' is all I think. "W-were y-you the -p-private n-number?" I ask stuttering. He helps me up and pins me to the wall. He grabs the hem of my shirt and takes it off faster than ever. I blush and look away. Luckily I had an undershirt on. Ryan eyes me up an down but then looks at my arms and wrists. He frons. "Why?" He asks. I all of a sudden get mad and slap him. "Why!? Because my best friend almost killed himself because of me, I have three ugly scars on my face from Brendon's ex girlfriend. I have three people trying to get me and Brendon to split up! I'm constantly having night terrors and anxiety attacks! A guy is harassing me and wants me to have sex with him or at least make Brendon think I'm cheating just so he can hurt Brendon but then be there for him after! And I seriously want to die!" I shout falling to my knees crying and shaking, my vision getting blurry. "Shit" Ryan mumbles and he goes to my side and rubs my back. But then Brendon walks in slamming the door. "What the hell is going on!?" He shouts. I just cry harder. "(Y/N)!? The hell!? Your cheating on me!?" He shouts. I cry harder knowing he would think that. Ryan get s up and tries talking to Brendon explaining to him what happened. I cant hear anything going on. I curl into a ball as I black out from another anxiety attack.

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