The Kiss.

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Your pov

"Aiden, oh my gosh are you OK?" I say taking off my helmet. "Yeah I'm fine" he says and I signal for Tyler, Josh and Brendon to back to the room cuz they were all uncomfortable. They take off and I see Aiden staring into my eyes. I just look at him in confusion while he slowly walks towards me. "A-Aiden? W-"before I can finish he smashed his lips on mine. I quickly shove him off. "Aiden, why?"I ask but then try to run away but because of my ski boots I get pulled back by my wrist. "Let go of me!" I shout but he doesn't let go. "(Y/N), you have to let me explain!" Aiden says pulling me closer as I struggle to get away. "Let go of her!" A familiar voice yells. Before I could tell who it was Aiden had gotten a punch right in the face and he was almost knocked to the floor. As Aiden gets back to reality I see that Brendon was the one who threw the punch. Aiden threw a punch back and before I knew it they had gotten into a fist fight. "Guys, please, stop!" I shout as I try to pull them apart but only to be thrown on the stone ground. I get up and try again. I know I could get hurt but my boyfriend and my best friend were fighting. I know he kissed me and all but he's still my friend and I cant let him get hurt. I once again, get pushed back down to the ground. I couldn't give up. "Brendon, please, s-stop!" I shout as those steamy tears burned my eyes. "Brendon, please!" I beg. Brendon pushes Aiden to the ground and walks off. "B-Brendon, w-wait" I say trying to stop him. Aiden gets up and takes off after him but I stop him and push him off. "(Y/N), can you please let me explain" He says while I notice his nose bleeding. "Aiden, you've done enough. Brendon clearly saw you kiss me! He probably hates me now! Aiden, that was the love of my life and you just ruined it! I- I cant believe you!" I say storming off. Once again he grabs my wrist but I pull away this time. I get out of the lodge and I walk back to the Heather inn. I just sit at the couches and cry because I didn't know what to do. I decide to go back to my room but once I get there I hear yelling. "Bren, you have to calm down!" I hear Josh say. "NO! How am I supposed to calm down when he kissed her! What if she wanted that!? What if she planned that!?" I hear Brendon shout and there is a big crash which just makes me cry more. I take off outside and out to the tour bus. I run in and shut the door, hide in my bunk and cry.

Brendon's pov

I cant believe this happened. (Y/N), I, ugh. "Brendon, hey, listen" I hear from the other side of the door. "Go away!" I shout while angerly throwing a pillow at the door. Soon after the door swings open and there stands a very worried Tyler. "Brendon, wheres (Y/N)!?" He shouts very stressed. "I don't know. I left her at the lodge" I say running a hand through my messy hair. "No, Ive searched everywhere, I cant find her." He says sitting down next to me on the bed. "Listen, it wasn't her fault and she is clearly upset about what happened. Go find her, talk to her." He says a bit calmer. "How am I supposed to find her!" I yell. Tyler sets a hand on my shoulder. "Well, think about it, where does she always go when she is sad or stressed?" He asks getting up to leave. I thought about It for a second while Tyler left. That's when it hit me. The bunk. I got up and grabbed my coat and ran out the door while heading to the elevator. 'what was I going to say to her' I thought to myself. I continued to walk outside and to the tour bus. I took a deep breath in and out then I knocked. I didn't hear anything. I walked inside and I heard sniffling. I could tell she was in here. "(Y/N)?" I asked. She didn't respond. "(Y/N), uh, look, I uh... ugh look, im really sorry" I say scratching the back of my neck. "Can you please come out and talk?" I say again. The sniffing just continues. "(Y/N), im not mad at you, please?" I say walking over to her bunk. She opens the curtain and her eyes were all red and puffy. I just smiled and caressed her cheek. She gave a week smile and I helped her off the bed and we walked over to the couch. Before we sat down I gave her a big hug to let her know that everything is ok. We sat down and she sat in my lap. "Listen, I don't know where to start. Im really sorry I over reacted like that. It was stupid of me." I say with a sigh. "No, im sorry. I didn't know he thought about me like that. I- im" She says but I cut her off with a kiss. "Its not your fault." I say breaking the kiss. "What are we going to do about Aiden?" I ask. "I don't know... I guess there is nothing we can do but talk to him" She says laying her head on my shoulder. "Yeah, but im coming with you. I don't want that guy that close to you ever again." I say and she just giggles and gets up. We walk out the door and  down the street and into the lodge. I see Aiden sitting on a bench with his head down in his hands. I walk over and clear my throat. My arm around (Y/N)'s waist. Aiden looks up and sighs. "Look, Brendon im rea-" "Shut up" I say bluntly. He just sighs again and looks at (Y/N)

Your pov

"im gonna give you five minutes to explain" I say and Brendon and I can tell hes thinking of an explanation. "Aiden, tick tick" Brendon says. Aiden sighs and looks up at me, foggy eyed he tries to avoid eye contact with Brendon. "I-I love you (Y/N)"

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