Hospital bed

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Brendon's pov

I got up and ran over to (Y/N) as fast as I can trying to get to her. Her beautiful face had a big gouge in it. She was bleeding everywhere but still breathing. I quickly ripped off my shirt and held pressure on her wound till the ambulance got there. "Please (Y/N), stay with me! You can't leave me! Not yet!" I say as the ambulance gets there and the doctors put her on a stretcher and carry her out to the ambulance. They gladly help me in and I sit next to her and grab her hand. I kiss her head and lay my head on her stomach, when we get there the doctors rush her back to a surgery room and they had told me to sit in the waiting room. I was terrified for her. I decided to get a group chat going with Tyler and Josh.

Brendon: guys hurry its important!
Tyler:what's wrong
Brendon: (Y/N) is in the er and in surgery hurry to the nearest hospital!
Josh:omg on our way! Is she OK?
Brendon: Idk, she might not make it I'm scared
Tyler:stay calm were on out way
Brendon:ok thx guys.

With that I decided to just sit. I had completely forgotten I was shirtless until a fan came screaming at me.
"Omg Brendon! Can I get an autograph!!!???" She said I was about to answer but I was stoped when she screamed cuz Josh had ran up to save me. "Hey, hey, hey. Listen I'm really sorry, but you need to keep it down, we don't want to cause attention to ourselves. Brendon here has someone he loves very much in surgery and he might loose that person. He's not in the best shape to be giving autographs but I promise you can get an autograph from all of us if you give us your name and number." Josh said and the fan happily agreed and walked away. "What happened to you!?" Tyler said looking at me. I had tears in my eyes and I tried my hardest not to cry. "I had to use my shirt to try and stop the blood." I said answering Tyler. "BLOOD! What the heck happened to her!?" Josh asked. I had let a tear fall down my face as I started to explain what happened. "I was asking her to be my girlfriend and she said yes but then Sarah, who was our waitress and was trying to win me back, had pushed me to the ground and before I could tell what was happening she grabbed her keys and punched (Y/N) in the face leaving big gouges and she was bleeding everywhere so I used my shirt to try to stop the bleeding" I couldn't help but start crying as I remember everything that happened. Tyler and Josh tear up to and they hugged me tight. A nurse came out and talked to us silently to not bring attention to us. "Hello, (Y/N) is in recovery. She did make it through the surgery. She was very close to not making it. She was very lucky. She's still sleeping but would you three like to go back to the room with her?" The nurse asked us. I nodded because I was to choked up to talk. The nurse led us to the room and I had Tyler and Josh walk in first and by their reaction I knew I wasn't ready to see her. They both started crying. I slowly walked in and looked at her. I gasped and started to cry again at the sight. She had three large stitches across her face. I tried to stay strong for her. I wiped my tears and walked over to her and I had kissed each of her scars.  We all sat down in a chair and I had her hand in mine. I saw she was cuddling my shirt. It made me tear up more. "I'm right here babygirl" I said softly. After a while Tyler and Josh fell asleep and I was getting tired to but I had to stay awake for her. Soon I heard her groan and her hand slowly twitched. She woke up screaming and crying. "BRENDON!" She said screaming and crying. I stood up and hugged her tight. "Shhh it's OK! I'm here! I'm not letting go! It's gonna be OK" I cooed in her ear. She was still crying but seemed to come to and she hugged me back. I started to cry seeing how much pain (Y/N) was in. "Don't leave, don't let go" she whispered to me. "I won't, I promise" I said sitting on the bedside by her legs. She looked around her surroundings and grabbed my shirt that was laying on the bed. She looked at it and had a scared look crawl over her face. "W-what happened?" She said crying and rubbing her face a little. I kissed her stitches cheek and told her about Sarah. After I finished Josh woke up and ran over to (Y/N) and hugged her tightly.

-time skip to back on tour bus-

Your pov

We got back on the bus and my face hurt really bad. I had fallen asleep in the car and Brendon carried me inside and layed me in his lap on the couch. "Brendon, my cheek hurts." I say as he kisses my cheek and Tyler and Josh race to get an ice pack for me. I giggle a bit and put the ice pack on my cheek. "O-ow, it s-stings!" I say pushing back tears. Brendon moved the ice pack around and he was doing something and I don't know what but it helped a lot. He was rubbing my side softly as Josh and Tyler were looking through my art book. I didn't really have the energy to care so I just ignored them. "(Y/n) don't you ever scare us like that again!" Josh shouts. "I-I'm sorry" I say fighting to stay awake. "Josh, it wasn't her fault. It was mine, I should had protected her better" Brendon said and it made me sad he thought like that. "Brendon Boyd Urie! It wasn't y-your fault. Y-you d-did what you could" I said still fighting to stay awake. "I know, I'm sorry. Buy your tired. Stop fighting, go to sleep. I'm not leaving your side anyways so use me as a pillow all you want" Brendon said. And without any hesitation I fell fast asleep in his lap.

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