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Your pov

"what?" I say glaring at him. Aiden stands up and places my small hands in his but I quickly pull away snarling at him. "Don't touch me! Just explain!" I shout.  He sighs and continues. "(Y/N), I love you, and I have loved you ever since we were kids. (Y/N), when we were younger, you were my everything, my best friend. I always had this weird feeling that I uh... I couldn't explain. But, that one year, I was so excited to see you...then...you didn't show up. It crushed me. That's when I learned I had feelings for you. But it was passed that small little crush stage. It went strait to love. A-and I couldn't tell you. I had lost your number and I had to wait a whole year to tell you but...the next year you were gone to. Every year I waited for you. Each time you were gone, it was like chipping at me one by one until only half of me was left. I kept hoping and hoping that each year, you'd come back, come back for me. But you never came back. Reagan, she told me to keep hope. This year...I wasn't going to come. It just broke me more and more. It was a reminder that I could never, ever have the love of my life" Brendon rolled his eyes and Aiden was clearing his throat and wiping his eyes from being choked up. I just stood there listening to him. "Reagan, she uh...she said that I should come just this year, that if you didn't show up, I didn't ever have to come again. And I agreed. I told her id come...and I did. I didn't see you when I got there but after the day of skiing I went back to the room so I could get changed and into normal clothes. I came down to the lobby so I could get some fresh air. When I walked past the check in I saw someone familiar. Then I knew it was you. I was happier then I had ever been in my life. When I gave you a hug I wanted to hold you forever. (Y/N)...when you hadn't been going skiing...I...I was...well I was...I was cutting.  I thought I had lost my best friend. I thought I lost you and I had no reason to live. Then when I saw you, I knew id be ok...but when I saw Brendon and you...together. I...I couldn't show I was mad. I couldn't show you I liked you..." He says slowly lifting the sleeve of his sweater. There had been fresh Band-Aids from new cuts. I placed my hands over my mouth and started to get glossy eyes. "Aid" I chocked out. "W...wh...why" I cough letting my eyes set on fire from the salty tears that were now streaming down my face. Aiden just looked at me as his eyes fogged up as well. Brendon just pulled me closer to him as I continued to cry. "(Y/N), I thought that this was my chance to tell you I love you but when I saw you and Brendon, I knew that I was to late. Then, when we were all alone, I had no control over what I did. It felt as if someone was controlling me. I kissed you. When you pushed me off I knew I made a huge mistake...I-im sorry (Y/N)...I just wanted you to know that I-I love you. And I will never stop loving you, even if you have a great boyfriend." He says pulling his sleeve back down and he try's more and more to not cry. I pull him in for a big hug while I cry on his shoulder. "Im sorry, I, I didn't know." I say and we let go.  "Please, please don't hurt yourself anymore" I say gently running my fingers over his new cuts. "As long as you keep in touch. I really cant go through that again." He says and I smile and agree. Just then Josh comes and meets us. "So, is everything cool?" He asks. We tell him everything is fine. "Ok, good, because we have to leave." We all shout 'what'. "Listen, I know we just got here but we have to leave. The fans are going crazy and we wont be able to hold the tour for long. Also FOB is getting mad and they need to continue concerts. They really need us to start tour back up so we can all do concerts together again" Josh says and Aiden lets out a small sigh. I look at him and he's smiling down at me. "I'll be fine (Y/N), go have fun. Just keep in touch." He says pulling me in for a hug while he slips a small piece of paper into my hand. It was his number. I look at it and smile while stuffing it into my pocket. We have one more hug and we walk back to the hotel and start packing. Dallon, Dan and Kenny have already got done packing. It takes about an hour to pack up and check out. Soon enough we all get in the bus and start driving. I run and look out the window to see Aiden and his sister standing there waveing to me. I smile and wave back. My smile fades when I see Aiden crying. It hurt me to see him like this. Soon I can tell he cant look at me andmy because he turns around and burrys his face in his sisters chest while he crys. I decide to text him. I look for the number but its gone. "Stop the bus!" I shout and the driver slams on the breaks witch makes us all fall forward. I dart out of the bus and run as fast as I can to Aiden. He see me and I keep running until I jump into his arms and wrap my legs around his waist. He stumbles a bit but crys even harder. I drop down and wipe his tears. "Hey, I lost your number." He smiles and gives me a new one. I give him mine just incase I loose his again. "Remember, smile. Be happy. You wont loose me. Were best friends remember?" HE nods and smiles. I can see him trying to hide more tears as we hug one more time and I run back to the bus. I was freezing since I didn't have a coat on. Brendon came up and held me close to his chest and whispered in my ear. "Im never letting my baby go"

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