Test Results

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Your POV

Me and Zoe wait a while and i tell her to check the test. I stand with my head in my hands and breathing fast. "OMG, (Y/N)! Your gonna be a mom!" She says and hugs me. I cry a bit. 'Im not ready for this...' Is all i think while Zoe drives me back to Brendons house. I see Brendon at the door looking out at us. I see Zoe trying not to fan girl seeing Brendon shirtless. I slowly get out of the car and Zoe walks up with me. Brendon pulls me into a hug and i let a tear slide down his warm chest. "(Y/N) whats wrong? Why i Zoe here?" He asks running his hand through my hair. I step back and still dont make eye contact. "She had something to say but i can see she isn't able to. Its nothing bad, or at least i dont think it is" Zoe says. "She is scared your gonna leave her for something...so before i tell you, please tell her you  wont leave her for any reason" Zoe says. I just stay silent. Brendon makes me look at him. "(Y/N), i love you with all my heart...I even proposed and...i dont know what i would do with out you. You are my absolute everything and there is no way in hell that i will ever leave you." He says and kisses me lightly. Zoe clears her throat and takes the test out of my bag and hands it to Brendon. Brendon takes it and looks at it in shock. he doesn't say anything. I just fall to my knees and cry. "(Y/N)" He says. Zoe pats my back and leaves. "Im sorry" I say. "(Y/N)" He says again. I stand up and get ready to walk out the door when i feel strong arms around my waist. "I love you" He whispers to me and leaves a trail of kisses from my ear to my shoulder. I stand still. "Y-your not mad?" I ask. "why would i be mad? I did it to you...plus...the thought of having you as the mom of my baby...i just....this is amazing!" He shouts and i turn around as he lifts me off the ground. I laugh a bit and josh and Tyler walk over. "Whats going on?" Josh ass. "(Y/N)'s Pregnant!" brendon shouts and puts me down. He kneels down and kisses my belly all over. I chuckle as the guys rush over  and hug me. "Im gonna be an uncle!" Josh and Tyler say at the same time. I laugh and pat brendons head. 'looks like im gonna be a mom' I think smiling at everyone.

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