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Brendon's POV

'This girl looked so familiar...she says she is my fiance but....i don't remember her at all. she is beautiful though...any guy would be lucky to be married to her. She had three scars on her cheek. I feel like i have seen someone with scars like that though...' i think to myself as i study her face. I lift my arm and graze my thumb over her cheek. I study the scars closely. I see her with her eyes closed and a tear running down her face. "Don't cry, i'm a stranger and your crying for me" I say wiping her tear but she cries more. Then the doctor walks in and takes the girl to the hall. After a couple minutes she walks back in. "T-they said you can go home. I called Josh and Tyler to help come pick us up." She says.  I nod. "Hey, i never caught your name" He says. she sniffs more holding back tears. "I'm(Y/N)" She says and two more guys walk in. They look around my age. They both run to me. "Brendon!? Thank god your ok!" One shouts, he has short brown hair...and a red beanie...his face is a little more rounded than the other boys. I look to (Y/N) with a confused look. "This is Tyler, and this is Josh" She says pointing to each of them. "He lost most of his memory. He hardly knows who he is" She says to Josh. I see her start crying into his chest. 'They would make a great couple' i think. They all talk for a minute and then help me into a wheel chair and then into the back seat of a car with (Y/N).

Your POV

I sit in the back with Brendon and I cry to myself. I feel a strong arm wrap around me and I shoot my head up to Brendon. "Please don't cry, ill remember...I promise. Maybe once I get home and see everything ill remember" He says. I frown and lay my head on his shoulder.

We get home later and Josh and Tyler are on each side of Brendon, helping him walk inside. They set him on the couch and I see the mess had been cleaned up by I'm guessing Josh or Tyler. I go into the kitchen to make Brendon lunch. I make him a sandwich. I bring it back and hand it to him looking him in the eyes hopefully. He shakes his head no but I smile knowing that he knew what I was thinking. Which meant he did gain some of his memory back...when we first met he couldn't tell what I was thinking but over time he learned how to read me like reading a book without even opening it. I sit down next to him and wrap him in a blanket and turn on the tv. I prop up his broken foot with a pillow on my lap. I sigh while he eats and watches TV. 'Maybe things will get better...tomorrow ill show him videos of his shows with me, and some pictures, but I don't want to rush him...ill take it slow...what if he never remembers who he is...all of his fans will be devastated.....this will be a long ride.'

Hey guys! So I hope your loving the book so far and please tell me what you think. Also, should I keep these chapters shorter or go back to the longer chapters? What do you think?

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