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Your pov

"I know, its gonna be hard. But he's gone now, you let him go once before, you can let him go again. You have to let him go" Pete says holding and rocking me. And before you ask, yes, this was a little weird for me because Pete was holing me and rocking me back and fourth. Just like Brendon did when I had a night terror. Anyways, I nodded and stoped crying. Brendon Tyler and Josh were finding something for us to eat. "How bout we just go pick something up?" Josh suggests. "Sure" I sniff. "What do you guys want?" Josh asks. "Actually, could you, Tyler, and Pete, go out, I kinda need some time with Brendon, alone" I ask still wiping my eyes and nose. Pete looks over and gives Brendon a pity look. Brendon walks over and sits down next to me while the other three walk out the door. I look over to Brendon who is grinning at me. I give him a puzzled look and he laughs as he takes me to the ground tickling me. "Brendon! S-stop!" I shout trying to get him off me. "haha, nope" He shouts. I just laugh. "Im gonna pee!" I shout. I wasn't really gonna pee but I had to get him off of me. He stoped and laughed while leaning up against the couch. I sat next to him and leaned my head on his shoulder. "I though you had to pee" I just laugh and shake my head. "Brendon, I need to talk to you" I say getting sad again. "Whats up baby?" He asks putting his arm around me. "What happens to us when tour is over? I mean, we don't have many more concerts to go to, and it doesn't seem like its been a year yet." I say looking him in his eyes. "I know, this is all going so quick. not sure. But I wont let you go, I promise. I love you, right?" He asks and I nod. "I love you to" I say while I lean over and kiss him. "Hey! Get a room!" I hear a voice shout. I look towards the door to see Pete with bags of food. We laugh and help get food. "So, Brendon, what is it you wanted to talk about? You know for the next conc-" Pete starts asking but Josh put his hand over his mouth and shushes him. We eat and get ready for bed. "Next concert is tomorrow. Its gonna be a good one." Brendon shouts Crawling into his bunk. I get into mine and lay there and think. I had an anxiety attack, I cut, I got made fun of by Sarah, I hurt her, then my friend killed himself, then Pete choked Sarah, and now something is gonna happen at the next show? I hope its something good. I really need to get my mind off of Aiden and Sarah. I slowly fall asleep and the next thing I know I here shouting. I wake up to shirtless boys. " Ugh, could you guys please put some shirts on?" I ask and the laugh and put on their shirts. "(Y/N) get ready, its time to go" Tyler shouts. I grab a split side tank top that had a pic of Brendon on it, my ripped black jeans, a red flannel, my black snap back hat and my panic dog tag. And of course my black converse. When I looked at my phone I had so many text messages. But they all said the same thing. 'Happy Birthday' I was a little confused but then I remembered that it was my birthday. I didn't bother to say anything because it wasn't a big deal. As we were pulling into the lot for the busses there was one car there. I didn't mind it much. I just walked out of the bus and met with the other band members. "Lets go, were late." Tyler says pulling us inside. I raise an eyebrow at him and look over at Brendon who has face palmed himself. I walk inside and everyone goes to there dressing room. Panic was the first to play. At the last song the music stopped. "Ok everyone, you all know (Y/N) right?" He asked and the crowed screamed. "Well, today is a special day for her, its her 20th birthday. And as you know we have been together for almost a year now and I have something very special to tell her." he says and the lights go out while the screen flashes 'Happy Birthday (Y/N)'. I get pushed onto stage by someone just to be met up with Brendon. The lights brightened and Brendon put my hands in his. "Listen, these past months have been the best. And I know that there has been a lot stress as well. But ever since I met you, you have made me so happy. So much more happy than Sarah ever did. And I promised to never leave you. Which got me thinking. How are we going to stay together after tour? I talked with a couple of the guys but none of them gave me the Idea I wanted." He says. I start tearing up when Dan brings out a rose and Brendon's jacket. Brendon puts the rose in my hair and continues  to talk. "I thought days and nights about this and I couldn't get it off my mind. (Y/N), I promise to protect you forever, never let you put of my sight. To call you mine, to love you day after day, and forever." He says and the crowd goes wild and Tyler comes onto the mic to quiet everyone down. Brendon gets on one knee and shuffles through his pockets trying to find something. He pulls out a small box and I burst into tears while all of the other bands come onto stage circling around Brendon and me. "(Y/N) (Y/M/N) (Y/L/N), will you continue to make me the happiest man alive and marry me?" He asks opening the small box to reveal the most beautiful ring. Tyler had to quiet everyone down so I could answer Brendon. "y-yes, YES!" I shout and the crowd goes crazy. Brendon stands up and I jump into his arms as I wrap my legs around his torso. I cry into his shoulder and everyone cheers while Brendon whispers sweat nothings into my ear. All I can hear is him though. It felt like the world around me had just gone into slow motion. "I love you" and "Im never letting go" Are some of the things Brendon had said. After Brendon put me down he slipped the ring onto my finger and I couldn't help but admire it. TOP and Panic walked off the stage with me considering it was time for FOB to play. Me and Brendon go back to his dressing room and sit on the couch. I lay my head in Brendon's lap and he runs his hands through my hair which sends shivers down my spine. "I love you" He says. And the next thing I know he is on top of me and kissing my neck.

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