Learning to love again

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Your Pov

Tyler and Josh had offered to stay with us for support. Mainly for me. Ever since the accident I had been an emotional wreck. Earlier we had helped Brendon to bed. I  had blankets and pillows on the couch and some on the floor for josh and Tyler. Its around midnight and I'm just sitting there, tears slowly falling down my face. I look to the floor and see Tyler and Josh cuddling. They were always close enough friends to do that and it wouldn't be weird. I never had a friend like that. I had Zoey but she was so different than me. I look around and see one of Brendon's  shirts on the side of the couch. It had faded blood stains on it. I cry a bit more. This is the shirt that had saved my life. I Held it close to my chest and cried quietly.

Brendon's Pov

I looked around my rom. I remember it. I remember this house. I just don't remember my life...who I am, what my job is...how I got a wife...how she got those scars. I look over to the clock. '12:45' "I doubt anyone's awake." I say and look over to the night stand.  (Y/N) had left a book of pictures  Of us. I grab the computer and turn it on. It opens to videos from concerts. I watch them...it was me...singing. With (Y/N)? After I watch them its about 3:56 am now. I go back to the book and look through more pictures. All of a sudden I feel my heart stop and everything goes black. My life...every single thought, feeling, emotion,  runs through my head...I remember everything. I get up quickly with tears falling down my face. "(Y/N)!" I scream falling to my knees as I still cant walk from my broken foot.

Your Pov

I hear a huge crash and Brendon call my name. I get up quickly and run up to his room. I turn the lights on to see him on his knees on the floor and tears pouring from his eyes. I run to his side And kneel next to him. He immediately hold s my face and looks me in the eyes. "I'm so sorry" He whimpers. He then smashes his lips to mine with a passionate kiss. I kiss back and tear up. 'He remembers' Is all I think while he holds me in his arms and kisses me. I hear foot steps come up the stairs and I see Josh and Tyler enter the room with a shocked expression on their face. "Is everything ok?" Tyler asks walking over. I wipe Brendon's eye and my own and nod looking up at Tyler. "He remembers everything. " I said.

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