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           Clover walks into her bedroom not even an hour after Mr

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Clover walks into her bedroom not even an hour after Mr. Stark leaves. She sits on her bed in her checkered pyjamas and leans against her wall, her stomach growls but she doesn't notice. The only thing she feels in her stomach is the guilt gnawing at her insides. She wishes that she could spill everything and have a great weight lifted off of her, but that would only add more pressure to her own shoulders, the pressure and worry of protecting her friends. Even as she lays her head down onto her pillow, she worries what tomorrow will bring, what Vulture is planning and the fear of not being able to save everyone she loves. May, Liz, Michelle, Ned and especially Peter.

The night even makes Tony Stark restless as he tosses inside of the first class cabin of his private jet. A growling fear bites away at his brain, something is coming, a storm beyond recognition...maybe he should have trusted those pesky kids a bit more.


           Morning comes to the city of New York, the sun peaks over the horizon, bathing the ocean in sunlight. Glittering rays reflect off of the buildings along the skyline. People are just waking up to start their day, cars begin to hum even louder as they congregate in the streets. Soon side walks are bustling with commuters, forming a rhythmic beat as their feet thump against the side walks. That beat grows stronger and stronger as time etches closer to morning rush hour. Peter and Clover take part in their usual routine, but their heads are hung low and their pride is broken. Even as they walk the halls of Midtown, they do not cheer up. Liz, Ned and Michelle avoid their gaze and the day begins.

Peter sits slumped over his desk as he listens to his science teacher teach a lesson that he has already taught himself a million times at home. He begins to fall asleep and the words his teacher speaks become slurred. Peter becomes so lost in thought that his senses extend farther than usual, studying every minute noise in the city. He listens as far as Ryker's island and he stops...and listens. Shouting men, alarms sounding, jail cells clattering open, feet stomping. An explosion rings in Peter's ear and he jolts upright in his seat, bringing the attention of his classmates towards him. He freezes in his spot as he teacher raises an eyebrow.

"Can I um...go to the...washroom sir?" Peter practically whispers.

His science teacher nods his head and turns back to the black board, continuing his lesson. Peter stumbles off his chair and hears a few snickers as he exits the class. He glances down the halls, making sure no one is around and closes his eyes, focusing on what he heard before. His senses search the city until he hears it, shouting and sirens and loud crashes. Something is wrong, very wrong. Peter dashes to his left, heading towards Clover's class. When he arrives at her classroom he glances through the window in the door to see her sitting right at the front, staring blankly as she tries to follow the lesson. Peter waves his hands around trying to get her attention. However, he gets Michelle's attention who sits just behind Clover. Michelle narrows her eyes at Peter then reluctantly taps Clover's shoulder, getting her to spot Peter. Peter ducks out of sight and a moment later Clover emerges from her class.

"What is it?" she asks urgently.

"Something has happened...there was an explosion-at the prison. We need to go" Peter says.

Clover tries to process, but Peter is already pulling her down the hall towards his locker. Peter gets to his locker, inputs his combination and yanks a duffle bag from it.

"What is this?" Clover says.

"I like to be prepared...it's our gear"

"You can't be serious? Our old gear" Clover says.

          Peter nods his head and pulls her to the nearest exit. They storm through the doors and run to the nearest alley. In an instant the two are changed, changed into clothing that they never thought they would have to wear again after Stark gave them a much needed upgrade. The two scale the wall until they reach the roof and can see above most of the buildings in the area. A distant ruckus can be heard from where they stand and smoke can be seen as it swirls into the sky. Peter glances over at his cousin and she glances over at him. For a long moment their gazes are locked. They both have a look of understanding because they both know what's about to happen even if they don't actually know. Peter reaches over and squeezes Clover's hand.

"No matter what, we're both coming home tonight" Peter says.

"Wouldn't have it any other way...big brother" Clover whispers.

Peter smirks underneath his mask and they leap from the rooftop, swinging towards the action.

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