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"So why Spiderman?" Clover asks as the two enter the apartment

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"So why Spiderman?" Clover asks as the two enter the apartment.

"He saved me. About two months ago, I wasn't paying attention and almost walked into the street. He swooped down and saved me. After that, I started to follow him around and get some pictures of him. He got so big so fast and then I had a job at he Bugle because of those photos. I owe him my life and my employment" Michelle says, chuckling to herself at the last part.

"I met him too, he's quite something" Clover says, reminiscing her meeting with the web slinger nearly six months ago.

Clover opens the door and ushers Michelle inside. When the door closes, sounds from the kitchen can be heard and as the girls walk into the living room, May is there cleaning dishes. The clanking and clattering of dishes continue, until May notices her daughter and the stranger standing next to her.

"Hey Clover, who's your friend?" May asks.

"Mom, this is Michelle Gonzalez, a new friend of mine. We're just going to hang out here for a while, is that okay?" Clover says.

May nods and takes off her rubber gloves, "Sure honey, I'll be gone in a bit for my shift, there's leftovers in the fridge. Oh and Pete called, told me to tell you to call him later"

Clover smiles at the thought of talking to her cousin after missing him all day. The two girls wave goodbye to May and slip down the hall into Clover's room. Clover shuts the door and Michelle takes a seat on her small twin bed. Looking around, she's surprised by the room, she expected it to be bigger, fancier, more girly. However, it's a light shade of blue, with yellow accents, a small oak desk, open closet and small dresser at the foot of the bed. To top it off, there is a tiny window on the wall opposite to the door.

"Not what you expected?" Clover asks, watching Michelle glance around the room.

"A lot of stuff about you is unexpected" Michelle says.

"Ask me anything" Clover says nonchalantly.

"What?" Michelle asks, puzzled.

"You seem to think that I fit a very certain stereotype, prove yourself wrong"

Michelle narrows her eyes at the girl, confused, "Are you actually friends with Liz Allan?"

"Of course I am, have been since we were little kids" Clover says.

"Have you ever bullied someone?" Michelle's asks.

Clover looks at Michelle, almost offended, "Never"

"How many guys have you dated?" Michelle asks.

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