• Prologue •

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          It was a damp day in October, it had rained all day and still persisted throughout the evening

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          It was a damp day in October, it had rained all day and still persisted throughout the evening. The droplets pounded the windows, drowning out all other sounds, except those coming from the hallway outside the small apartment. Droplets continued their rapid fire outside, but the faint noise of fingers tapping on the apartment door could be heard.

        A kind looking brunette answered the knock with a friendly smile and ushered the late night visitors inside. May Parker guided her brother and sister in law and young nephew into the living room, seating them on the couch and beginning to prepare some tea for them to drink. In the next moment, a middle aged man with a warm smile came into the room and welcomed his familial guests. Ben Parker, met his brother Richard with a hug.

"What are you doing here?" Ben asked as he pulled away.

"We need to talk" Richard said in a serious tone.

Ben glanced at May with a look of concern as she placed the steaming drinks on the coffee table. The adults then all glanced towards the young boy sitting on the couch, hugging his mother, Mary tightly. Peter had no idea what was happening, all he knew was that his mother woke him up far past his bedtime.

"Peter darling, would you mind waking up your cousin? I'm sure she'd love to see you" May said to the small boy.

Peter nodded his tiny head, hopped off of the couch and walked out of the living room; the adults staring after him. The boy walked down the hallway until he met a door covered with stickers of flowers, animals and mystical beings. On the centre of the that door was written one word in sparkly pink letters: Clover. Peter raised his hand towards the doorknob and slowly opened the door into his cousin's room. He peeked inside and was surprised to see Clover sitting up on her bed, with the lights on.

"The rain was scaring me and I didn't want mom and dad to be mad at me for being up" Clover said.

Peter walked over to her bed and sat next to her, stretching his arms around her to pull her into a hug. Clover hugged her cousin back and the two children just sat there listening to the rain and the drowned out noise of the adults speaking. That is, until Ben came into the room and asked the children to come into the living room. Hand in hand, Clover and Peter walked into the adult filled room. The sight was most unsettling. Peter's parents sat in tears, while May held back her own.

"Petey boy, you're going to be staying with your Aunt and Uncle for a little while, okay?" Mary told her son in between sobs.

Peter ran into his parents arms and hugged them tight, only to be pulled away by the force of his father's hands on Peter's shoulders. Richard looked his son in the eyes, tears staining his cheeks. He brushed Peter's cheek and kissed his forehead.

"You're going to be good aren't you Peter? You're going to be kind to your cousin and you're going to protect her okay? You're going to be the big brave boy I know you are and you're going to make me proud, even if I'm not here to see it okay?" Richard said, Mary sobbing more at each word.

Peter nodded his head and wiped away a tear with his pyjama clad sleeve. Richard kissed his son's forehead one last time before Mary crouched down and wrapped her son in a bear hug and peppered his cheeks with kisses. Richard finally teared his wife away from his son and guided her towards the door. Peter stood and watched in tears as his parents left with a slam of the door. He cried even more, despite May and Ben pulling him into their arms, telling him that they'd only be gone a little while. Peter knew, even at his young age that his parents would never be coming back.

Peter kept crying throughout the night in his new room, next door from Clover's. May and Ben were getting frustrated with their nephew's constant crying, but they did not yell, they simply tried their best to comfort him. Eventually he cried silently into his pillow, his sobs only being heard by his cousin who had her ear pressed to the wall. Clover could no longer stand to hear her beloved cousin cry, so she tiptoed out of her room and into Peter's. She kneeled beside his bed and looked at his face that was pressed against his pillow, his body quivering with each sob.

"Peter" she whispered.

Peter turned his head to reveal his disheveled hair, red puffy eyes and running nose. Clover reached out her hand and brushed his hair out of his face. Peter smiled at her and actually stopped crying. Clover stood up and sat next to Peter as he continued to lie in his bed.

"You know what we are Peter?" Clover asked her cousin.

Peter shook his head.

"We're siblings now, you're my brother and I'm your sister." Clover stated with a proud grin.

Peter nodded his head, "We'll be best friends too" he proclaimed.

The two giggled and gave each other a tight hug. For the rest of the night, the two talked about what they would do as siblings as they got older. Peter told her that they would be the smartest kids in school together. Clover told him that they would be the best at everything. They discussed building forts and baking cookies as a brother and sister duo. The two talked about having snowball fights in the winter against all the other kids in the building and winning every time. Before their first night together was even over, they had a bond that most real siblings could never even dream of.

The two planned to be best friends forever and ever and always. However, as time went by their personalities didn't always make that possible.

Peter was definitely the smartest of the pair, always understanding lessons and getting straight A's all throughout elementary and middle school. Clover wasn't stupid, but she usually got a mix of A's and B's, but never a C in her life. What Clover lacked in smarts she made up for in athleticism, Peter had all the smarts, but completely lacked athletic ability. Peter's lack of athleticism was usually the centre of his bullying. Clover was also the one to stick up for her cousin, despite his objection of her protecting him. Peter thought that because she was a girl, it should be the other way around.

The duo's social life also got in the way of their closeness at times, Peter was the awkward one, never making many friends. Clover was the complete opposite, she made friends everywhere she went, everyone at school and in the neighbourhood knew Clover Parker. Despite these personality clashes, Clover and Peter made it work and stayed close. The two obviously had their own sibling squabbles, but they were few and far between. Overall the Parker family bond was strong.


A/N Hey guys! This is my first attempt at a Peter Parker/Spiderman fanfic. I wanted to try and do something original, not the over used "best friend falling in love story" not that I have anything against those, there are a lot of amazing ones, I just wanted to try and put something new into the pool of Spider Man fan fiction. Hope you liked it...COMMENT! VOTE! SHARE!

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