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          Waking to the sound of her alarm clock, Clover rolls over and groans

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Waking to the sound of her alarm clock, Clover rolls over and groans. Monday. The most dreaded day for all teenagers, the first day back at school after a much needed two day break. Getting out of bed and hearing pure silence in the apartment, Clover peers into the hall. Next door, Peter's room is empty and May has already gone to work. For the first time in a very long time, Clover is alone in the apartment. She strolls into her cousin's room, bed made, backpack gone. He left without her, but at 6:30 in the morning?

          Clover shakes her head, thinking that she must be losing her mind, or at least dreaming. A quick pinch to her arm shows that it is in fact reality. Walking to the kitchen and fixing herself a bowl of cereal, Clover picks up the home phone and dials Peter's number. It rings a few times until his voice comes over the other line, as a voicemail. Frustrated, she hangs up before the tone and takes a spoonful of cereal. Clover decides to push Peter's absence from her mind, hoping that he hasn't gotten into trouble and goes on with her morning, the silence deafening. Turning on the radio to a random station, the newest pop tune plays.

Bustling about the apartment until her departure at 7:30, Clover steps out the door into the hall and locks the door behind her. Slipping her keys into her pocket, she decides to call Peter on her cell. A few rings later and his voice comes from the other line.

"Hey" he says casually.

"Where were you this morning, I don't think I've ever seen you up before your alarm. Heck I don't think I've actually seen you get up with your alarm" Clover says.

A laugh is heard from across the line, "Yeah I know, I needed to get out, I didn't sleep well. Actually, I couldn't sleep at all" Peter confesses.

Clover bites her lip, concerned about her cousin once again, "You should have taken something. Not sleeping isn't good Pete"

"I know...I'll see you at school okay?" Peter says.

"Okay" Clover responds and hangs up.

Walking to the train station without Peter actually makes Clover uncomfortable, never before had she walked alone in the mornings. It was unsettling for her and she stays on high alert. When Clover takes her seat in the train, she never realized how many shady people got on with her, talking with Peter always distracted her. But now there's nothing to distract her from being suspicious of those around her. As she walks out of the station and onto the streets, she realizes just how odd it is without Peter. Stepping into the hallways of Midtown is just as odd, having no one to wave farewell to, Clover heads straight to her locker.

Textbook and binder in hand, Clover heads to her home room. Before she can step inside of the classroom, Ned waves at her from down the hall. A smile creeps onto her face as she walks over to the boy.

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