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          Not even three hours later, the Parker family are driving to their local park for Clover's final soccer game of her team's season

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Not even three hours later, the Parker family are driving to their local park for Clover's final soccer game of her team's season. It's a weekly event for the family of four and they enjoy every minute of it. Despite Peter's lack of athleticism, he was always the loudest person in the crowd, apart from his Uncle Ben. The family get out of their small Subaru and walk towards the field where girls in soccer jerseys are already practising. Clover quickly pulls off her sweats to reveal her shorts, pulls on her shin pads and ties up her cleats. She leans towards her father and mother and give each a kiss. She then pulls Peter into a hug as she jogs over to warm up.

          They start with some laps around the field, then move onto stretching and finally skills. Each girl guides the black and white ball around bright orange pylons with ease. Then, each of them take turns in a line, taking shots at their goalie. Nearly every shot is blocked, the balls being caught by their incredibly skilled goalie. However, when Liz Allan takes her place at the front of the line, her ball ricochets off of the palm of the goalie's hands and towards the benches full of spectators.

The ball spins towards the turned away head of Peter Parker. It is moving at lightening speed, but a tingling in Peter's head forces his senses into overdrive. A split second before the ball contacts with his head, Peter turns and catches it with one hand. His grip is solid and he can't help but stare at his hand in amazement.

"Nice catch Peter" Liz says as she jogs over to him.

Peter can't even answer Liz, he is so dumbfounded. He caught the ball, he caught it.

"Mind if I have the ball Peter?" Liz says, grabbing Peter's attention away from his thoughts.

He nods and tosses the ball back to her and stares down the field at the girls as they continue their shooting.

Peter is so consumed by his thoughts that he hardly notices the game start. He is confused by how he had caught that ball, he had never been able to do a thing like that before. Peter is frightened and confused and curious. How had this happened? When did he gain these new quick reflexes? Did it have to do with the pain in his shoulder or the blurry vision and pounding headache? Peter was lost. He needed answers and he couldn't find them at a soccer game. But he couldn't leave, it would crush Clover. So he would stay and support her and push his fears to the side, for one night.


          The game had finished an hour and a half later, Clover's team taking a 3 - 1 win over their opponents. The Parker's went home and had a lovely meal of take out pizza from the local pizza parlour. Talk at the table ranged from the usual "how was your day" to political talk to local apartment gossip. When the dishes were cleaned and homework was finished, May, Ben, Clover and Peter slip into their night time attire and go into their appropriate rooms.

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