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"What do you mean they left?" Liz snaps

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"What do you mean they left?" Liz snaps.

First period is over and Liz, Michelle and Ned stand in the hallway waiting for second period to begin.

"Peter was waving at the door, Clover left class and hasn't come back. They've got to have left" Michelle says.

Liz grunts and runs a tense hand through her hair. She looks to Ned who is just as frustrated as she is. The group are then interrupted as people rush by them. A group of students soon crowd around the monitor in the hallway. The three walk over and peer over heads to see a breaking news report. Jail break at Ryker's Island, all high security inmates escape and attack Manhattan. Liz would have gasped if she didn't have a hunch. She pulls out her phone and curses under her breath.

"I know where they went" Liz says.

With a glance around the halls, Liz hikes her bag farther up onto her shoulder and makes a B-line for the front doors of the school. Michelle and Ned scurry behind the tall girl and follow her down the front steps before Ned catches her wrist.

"What are you doing?" Ned says.

Liz spins on her heel to face Ned, "Doing exactly what our friends are doing, heading towards the action" she says and hands them her phone.

Michelle snatches Liz's phone and sees a bright red dot labelled 'Clover' in the middle of New York, heading straight for Manhattan. Michelle hands Liz back her phone and the three race towards the subway station, hoping to catch the next train straight for Manhattan.


          Peter and Clover arrive just in time to see men in orange jumpsuits, trashing Manhattan. They are scattered all over the place, many of them men that the two have caught within the last few months. The two stand frozen, never before seeing quite so much chaos. A car blows up to the left of them and another goes flying and lands not even a foot in front  of them. Then something else catches their eye, a figure swooping through the sky. Peter and Clover spring into action, slinging webs towards the closest building to catch up with the Vulture and finish what they started. But, the villains below have other plans.

"Look! It's the bugs!" One shouts.

A car flies towards Clover and she lets go of her web. She tumbles along the road, glass ripping holes in her sweatshirt. A hand yanks Peter's grip loose from the web and smashes him into a store front.

          Clover pushes herself up off the ground with a grunt as a foot collides with her side, sending her rolling back along the street. She quickly cocks her head towards her assailant to block an incoming kick to the jaw. Clover webs the man's foot to the ground, before another man rams her from the side. She shoots a web above, to get a better vantage point. As she looks down, three goons circle below her like sharks. Clover tumbles towards them, knocking them over like bowling pins. She webs one to a wall, another she smashes with a car, the final one she dances around until she lands a solid knockout punch. She brushes off her hands before she starts the process all over again with a crew of different escapees.

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