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          Liz and Clover gather their lunches and take a seat at their usual table

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Liz and Clover gather their lunches and take a seat at their usual table. From her seat, Clover can see Peter from his table, talking to Ned. The two, like usual are glancing over at her table, namely Liz. Even if Clover was popular and pretty, more guys liked Liz than they liked Clover. But that never bothered her. Despite the staring boys, Liz and her begin to eat their lunch.

On the other side of the cafeteria, Peter and Ned still stare over at Clover's table. Little does Clover know that Ned was not staring at Liz, but ogling over Clover.

"Do you ever think you'd ask Liz out?" Ned asks his friend.

"If you ask Clover, I'll ask Liz" Peter shoots back.

"Well then I guess neither of us will be asking them out" Ned says with a laugh.

          The two continue to stare at the girls, their brains walking on clouds at the very sight of their long time crushes. However, a heavily built body blocks their view. The two look up to see the dreaded face of Flash Thompson. Peter holds back a groan and resorts to a roll of his eyes as he leans back in his chair, preparing for Flash's daily put downs.

"Whatcha staring at perverts?" Flash mocks.

          Ned looks away from the blonde haired bullied and pokes at the pasta on his plate. Peter does the same, playing with his chicken nuggets. The two always try to avoid confrontation with the boy, it's just safer that way. Flash grunts angrily and whacks the plate away from Ned, sending it splashing onto the floor. A few kids around them look up, but go back to their conversations when they spot Flash. No one wants to mess with with the boy.

"I asked you a question dweebis!" Flash shouts at Ned.

More heads turn towards Peter and Ned and this time they keep their gaze, curious about what might happen next.

"Leave us alone Flash" Ned mumbles.

"What'd you say nerd!" Flash shouts again.

This time everyone's heads are turned to watch, including those of Liz Allan and Clover Parker. Liz glances back at Clover with a look of worry plastered on her face. Clover attempts to get up, but Liz holds her arm and yanks back into her seat.

"Let him fight this battle for himself" Liz whispers.

Reluctantly Clover obeys and watches the situation unfold with pure anxiety.

Looking Flash in the eyes, Peter says, "He said leave us alone"

Flash reaches across the table and grabs Peter by the collar of his sweater and yanks him out of his seat. Peter stumbles and falls to the floor. People around the cafeteria gasp and Clover watches on in horror, clenching her fists and wanting to shut her eyes. Flash glances down at Peter with disgust and pulls him up off the floor. Peter struggles against his grasp, but he manages to get a grip on Flash's wrist, yanking his hand away from him. Flash shouts out in pain as Peter's grip presses down on his wrist, applying an inhuman amount of pressure.

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