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          The bus ride to Oscorp is full of chatter and laughing from everyone around them

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The bus ride to Oscorp is full of chatter and laughing from everyone around them. Peter and Ned discuss the latest comic books they have been reading and like always the two talk about the heroes of New York City, the Avengers. Almost everyone in the city knows of the heroes, however not everyone appreciates what they do. Peter and Ned are of the majority that admire their bravery and long to make as much of a difference as the Avengers do. Having powers seems so thrilling and with the two being bullied constantly, power seems like something that could change their lives.

As the buses pull up to the front of the Oscorp tower, everyone stands from their seats and try to push past each other to get out of the loud and stuffy bus. Liz and Clover are two of the first to step out. Clover waits next to Liz for Peter to exit the bus. She spots his familiar brown curly hair as he walks down the four steps off of the bus. As he lands on the last step, his body is propelled forward and smacks against the concrete beneath him. Clovers instincts kick in and she pushes past the crowd of people to get to Peter.

The teens that gather around Peter snicker and point as he pushes himself up, Ned helping him.

"Watch where you're stepping Parker" Flash Thompson, the school bully taunts from the crowd.

"Pete you okay?" Clover asks as Peter straightens out his sweater.

"Yeah, I'm fine" he mumbles back and pushes past the crowd with Ned close behind.

"Yeah, run away Parker" Flash calls after him.

Clover takes one step towards Flash before she feels an arm around hers that pulls her away from Thompson. Liz, knowing very well what Clover was about to do and leads her friend away and towards the entrance of Oscorp Tower.

"What a jerk" Clover mumbles under her breath.

"Everyone knows that Clover, but you can't always fight Peter's battles for him" Liz says.

Clover sighs, knowing that her friend is more than correct, she's spot on. She's spent her whole life protecting Peter that she's never given him a chance to fight for himself. But she can't bring herself to let him get hurt, Peter is too important to her. No matter how old Peter gets, Clover will always want to protect him.

Trying to forget the happenings of earlier, Clover and Liz join the group of Midtown teens as they enter Oscorp and make their way to the genetics lab. Once the students are gathered, a middle aged gentleman with dark brown hair and glasses steps in front of the teens. Clover can only assume that the man is the infamous Aaron Blake. The only reason Dr. Blake is infamous to her is because he is a common topic of conversation with Peter. The lecture is relatively brief and boring, Dr. Blake talks about some of their ongoing projects in the genetics labs. One catches her attention, radioactive enhanced spiders.

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