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          The dinner table is quiet as May, Clover and Peter eat

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          The dinner table is quiet as May, Clover and Peter eat. Ben hasn't come home yet and the air around the family is tense. Each take small spoonfuls of soup, avoiding any discussion about the happenings of earlier today. Clover keeps glancing across the table at Peter and then to her right at her mother. Not a word is said at all. After the dishes are cleaned and put away, Clover and Peter sit on the couch to watch a movie on Netflix. However, their plans take a slight detour as the front door opens and in walks Ben, with a smile on his face.

"Hey everyone, sorry I missed dinner" Ben says, walking towards the couch, placing a kiss on each of the teenager's forehead.

For a moment, Peter thought he was Scott free, May hadn't even told his uncle about earlier. Maybe he wouldn't find out. But as Ben walks over to his wife and places a kiss on her cheek May talks to him in a hushed voice. Peter and Clover give each other a nervous look and Clover tries to distract Peter by making him choose a movie. However, her father's voice takes Peter's attention away from the screen.

"Is this true?" Ben asks, setting down his briefcase on the kitchen counter.

Peter bites his lip and glances back at his aunt with pleading eyes.

"Don't look at her young man, look at me" Ben commands.

"Yes" Peter mumbles.

"You embarrassed that boy for fun?" Ben asks.

"It wasn't for fun" Peter retorts.

"Then why would you do it then?" Ben says.

"Because he's a bully who deserves it" Peter answers.

Ben sighs, "You can't just..."

Peter shoots up from his seat on the couch, cutting off his uncle, "What! I can't stand up for myself? Isn't that what you taught me!"

Ben takes a step closer to Peter, "Not like that! If you...if you only knew your father...he could explain this to you. All I want to try and do here is make you half the man he was and if I succeed with that than I know I've done right by him"

Peter's blood begins to boil with the mention of his father, "I am already twice the man my father was!" Peter screams at his uncle, "I am far better than he could ever be because I won't abandon my son and become a failure of a father! You can't say 'if I only knew him' because I don't and I'm sure as hell glad that I never will!"

Then comes the sound, the sound of Ben slapping his nephew's cheek.

Peter looks at his uncle in pure shock. Both of the Parker women stare at Ben, then at Peter. All Ben can do is look to his nephew, his adoptive son in horror, horrified with himself. Peter's eyes well up in spite of the anger pent up inside of him. He pushes past his uncle and storms out the door. The remaining family stare at the door and can barely tear their gaze away. Clover couldn't stop the tears from pouring down her cheeks. She storms up to her father and shoves him back, now as angry as Peter was before.

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