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          Clover can barely think straight as the two swing back to Queens with her new suit pressed tightly against her

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Clover can barely think straight as the two swing back to Queens with her new suit pressed tightly against her. She feels as though she is moving faster than she ever thought possible. When they finally slip back into the apartment through Peter's bedroom window, the whole room is dark and the apartment is completely silent. The two make their way to their separate rooms and head to bed, trying to prepare for another day of school and another day as super heroes.

Morning light spills into Clover's bedroom and her eyes flutter open as she hears footsteps at her door. She shoots up from bed, her suit sprawled on the floor. Clover fumbles for it and tosses is under her pillow as her bedroom door opens.

"Oh you're up?" her mother says.

"Yep! Up and ready to go, I'm super excited for school! Aren't you?" Clover rambles, pulling her mother out of her room along with her.

"Alright then...I'll pick you and Peter up after school today, I think it's high time for a family night out" May says, entering the kitchen.

"Family night?" Peter says through his mouthful of cereal.

"Yeah, I'm picking you two up after school, sounds good?"

The two teens nod.

"Alright kiddos, I'm off. See you both later. Love you" May says and slips out the door.

When the door closes, both Parker's let out a frustrated groan. Both have to be at dinner and both have to be out and about saving people, but neither of them have duplication in their power tool box. They sit and eat their breakfast, thinking about what to do. May was not going to be a fan of any type of excuse to miss dinner. By the time Peter sparks an idea, the two are walking to the train station.

"We'll just go" Peter says.

"We can't! The city needs at least one of us on duty and now with the Vulture flying around, both of us need to be out there. I can come up with some really convincing excuse" Clover objects.

"I get that Vulture is a problem right now, but he's only one guy. The city won't go to hell in one night, we'll go back to training and to finding Vulture tomorrow. Okay?" Peter says.

Clover just nods, trying to convince her cousin that she is in slight agreement with him. When they arrive at school, first period flies by, as well as second. The day has gone normal for both Clover and Peter so far, but when lunch comes around, their usual schedules get turned around. Peter walks into the cafeteria to see Clover sitting in his spot, with Ned to her left and Michelle on her right. Peter scans the cafeteria for Liz, knowing that she can't be far away.

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