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Clover froze in her spot on the roof

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Clover froze in her spot on the roof. What does Michelle need Spiderman for, why does she think Clover could help her find him? All Clover could think of was that Michelle knew, but how could she? Clover has been Spider-girl for less than a week, she's made a public appearance once and every other time she's been fighting in the dead of night.

"Clover? Are you still there? I really need your help" Michelle pleads from the other end.

"Where are you, I'll come to you" Clover says.

"On the corner of Madison Ave and East 135th Street in Harlem...Watching Spiderman save save people from a fire" Michelle says.

Clover chokes on her words, "Are you crazy! You are going to get hurt, I'm coming, don't do anything stupid. I'm in Midtown with Peter, I'm coming now, don't move!"

Clover swings off, frantically swinging from building to building. A little ways before Michelle's location, Clover ducks into an alley and pulls on a pair of track pants and a sweatshirt to cover her costume. Clover then runs the rest of the way and can see the fire from down the street. By now firemen are dowsing the flames and there is a figure swinging out of the building, a person in his arms. I walk up to Michelle and without saying a word she grabs my arm and pulls me in Spider-Man's direction. I stumble along until we spot Spiderman laying down a man with soot covering his face.

"Hey wait!" Michelle shouts at Spiderman.

"Wait Spiderman!" I shout along with her, knowing Peter will hear my voice and wait.

He does. Peter straightens from his crouched stance as we approach, "Ladies" he says in a deeper than normal voice.

"Spiderman, wow, its you! This is-is-it's crazy!" Michelle's says excitedly, "But I'm not here to fangirl, I have something important to tell you" Michelle finishes, her voice completely serious.

Peter quickly glances at me, but I just shrug my shoulders, not knowing what Michelle has to say that is so important that she wanted me to be here.

"What is it miss?" Spiderman says.

"There's a new villain in New York, he's some kind of bird man. He's been robbing small time tech companies for their big time machinery. Plus, you know about that bodega explosion a few days back? Well, there's been a string of shop explosions all across the city, all the same MO." Michelle explains.

"What MO?" Peter asks.

"Before the explosion, all of the electricity in the shop goes out, then suddenly comes back on to overpower the grid and make shop go boom" Michelle says, using her hands to emphasize the boom.

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