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          At exactly 6:47 AM alarms ring throughout the house

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          At exactly 6:47 AM alarms ring throughout the house. Fire alarms. Everyone in the Parker household shoots up from bed and races out of their rooms, towards the kitchen. There behind a cloud of smoke is the figure of Ben Parker, coughing and laughing.

"Ben! What did you do!" May shouts.

          Clover and Peter take clothes and begin to disperse the smoke surrounding Ben. The alarm still blaring overheard. May rushes around the counter to the stove where burnt pieces of bacon and eggs cover a pan on the stovetop. The smoke is finally thin and the alarm shuts off. Peter and Clover lean lazily on the countertop catching their breath at their abnormal early morning adventure.

"How did you burn bacon and eggs dad? Peter can't even manage to do that!" Clover says, jokingly insulting her cousin.

Peter playfully sticks his tongue out at her and scrunches up his nose.

May takes the burnt pan from the stove top and begins to scrap its contents into the garbage. Peter and Clover watch May and Ben as they clean up their early morning disaster. May eventually grows tired of scraping the pan and throws the whole thing into the trash, seeing as it is burnt to a crisp. She then shoos her husband, daughter and nephew out of the kitchen, causing the family to begin their usual morning routine.

Peter and Clover head to their rooms to change, then return to the kitchen for breakfast. Finally, the two head out the door with a wave to May and Ben. Walking side by side, Clover and Peter step into the streets of Queens and walk towards the train station.

"So do you think the trip is going to be boring?" Clover asks as the pair walk down a set of stairs into the train station.

"Boring? Are you kidding me! This trip is going to amazing! We're getting a lecture on cross-species genetics from Aaron Blake, the co-CEO of Oscorp, what could be cooler?" Peter asks.

Clover giggles at her cousin's geekiness, "Um...anything but what you just said"

Peter rolls his eyes and places his pass through the slot to let him into the station. Clover does the same as she follows behind him. The two take a seat next to each other on the train and wait for it to begin its fast paced movement to Midtown.

Peter and Clover usually don't find Tuesdays very exciting, but this Tuesday they are over the moon with excitement. Today, everyone in tenth grade science heads to Oscorp to attend a science lecture and afterwards, a tour of the building. Peter is overly excited because he gets to hear his role model speak and gets to have a tour of the place he dreams of working at. The only reason Clover is excited about this trip is because she gets to miss a day of school without repercussions. The train ride is about half an hour, the entire time Peter reads over his science textbook reviewing all the information that he might need for today's trip. Clover eventually gets tired of her cousin's silence, shuts the textbook and pulls it into her lap.

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