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"I was wondering when you were going to tell me" Stark says

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"I was wondering when you were going to tell me" Stark says.

Both Parker's glance to each other in confusion, "Y-you knew?" Peter says.

Tony nods and snaps his head towards the other Parker, looking her up and down, taking in every minor detail. He then walks around her, imagining what he could possibly make.

"I knew about you didn't I Underoos?" Stark says.

Tony stops his intake of Clover and guides the pair inside of his ginormous building. When the two step in, lights flick on and the main floor is revealed. There is a large wooden floor in the Denver of the room with groupings of chairs and couches scattered around. A large bar is to the right, housing every type of alcohol imaginable. Up a small set of stairs, leads to more hard wood and a few tables, however the eye catcher of the room is the odd shaped metal dome off to the left and up a level. Mr. Stark leads them to that very same metal dome and reveals that it is his lab, a truly beautiful sight to the eyes of Peter Parker.

"How did you find out?" Clover asks.

"Well I actually just found out this evening, when a girl started swinging from rooftops towards a tech-company robbery. I put two and two together...and voila, secret identity. I figured Spider-kid here would come to me for help so I just waited for you two to show." Mr. Stark explains.

Tony walks over to a work bench and picks up a piece of paper. He walks over and hands the sheet to Clover, "A little something I drew up while I was waiting."

(Image drawn by me)

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(Image drawn by me)

The two look down at the marvel in front of them, an actual suit, inspired by her cousin's original design. They both smile at the billionaire before them, not sure what to say to thank him for his endless amount of help. However, there may be one final favour for the two to ask of Tony. Peter glances over at Clover and encourages her to speak.

"You saw me on street cameras right?"-Tony nods in response-"So you saw what was robbing that building? The bird man?" Clover says.

Stark sighs and places down the tool in his hand, "I did, I also saw that you got a nasty cut. You two shouldn't be worrying about that guy, let the professionals handle him. You two should stick to small time."

Peter snorts at the wild advice from Stark, "Small time? It's our job to protect the city of New York, this Vulture is a threat. We have to go after him" Peter argues.

Tony shakes his head, "I'll handle him, I don't need you two getting hurt or worse killed, your Aunt doesn't deserve to lose someone else"

Both teens glance down, punching themselves for not thinking of Aunt May and how their super hero duties may affect her. She's been in the dark this entire time, now two of her kids are superheroes risking their lives, the least they can do for her is to stay away from the big fights. But, they can't agree to Stark's terms. The City of New York is theirs to protect and in order to do that they need to fight every threat, big or small. However, they can't have Stark trying to fight for them or stop them from fighting.

"We'll leave it to the pros" Clover says.

Stark smiles and pats the two on the back, "Great choice kids, I've got all the measurements, the suit should be ready within the hour. Grab a drink, make yourself comfortable!" Tony says as he walks out of the lab.

"I hope he knows that we're under age" Peter whispers.

That causes Clover to start laughing uncomfortably and the two laugh hysterically in spite of their current, troubling situation. When they catch their breaths and grab some water from a nearby mini fridge, they settle in and talk.

"You never gave me the details of your date with Ned" Peter says casually.

Clover smiles, trying to hide the blush creeping onto her cheeks, "It was really wonderful. He's so sweet and funny and so easy to talk to. I really like him Peter, I hope you don't mind?"

"Why would I mind? I'm happy for you, besides I'm dating your best friend too" Peter says.

"Not officially. You still, haven't taken her on a date yet" Clover reminds.

Peter's eyes go wide, "You're right! I'll take her tomorrow after school to a movie and dinner. That's cheesy enough for a first date right? We can go for a walk in the park, if there's a park nearby and I can sweep her right off her feet!" Peter exclaims.

Clover laughs at her cousin, "That sounds lovely, Romeo"

In the next moment, there is a rustling from behind and they turn their heads to see Mr. Stark standing in the doorway, a briefcase in hand. He glances once at the case and once at Clover, "It's got all the bells and whistles" he says.

          Clover rushes over and takes the case from Stark's outstretched hand and flings the lid and pulls out the red and black costume. She holds it up and admires it for a good five minutes, just amazed by each precise stitch. Clover then places it back in the case and looks up at Tony with the eyes of a giddy schoolgirl. He shrugs and motions for her to put it on. Clover sneaks into a bathroom nearby and pulls it on. It was huge on hear, slipping off her shoulders and baggy around every part of her body.

"Press the emblem, that should make it fit better" Stark calls from the other side of the bathroom door.

          Clover does as he says and the suit tightens against her skin, fitting perfectly in every spot. She glances at it in the mirror, she barely recognizes herself in the red and black get up, but she enjoys the view. The last part of the suit is the mask, which she holds in her hand. She doesn't put it on just yet, for her it represents something more than just a means of hiding her identity, it's a symbol of hope, when she puts on that mask, she becomes a hero, hope for the people of New York. Although she hasn't been in the business long, she knows exactly what her duty is and she is bound to it. She needs to protect every person in the city from threats, big and small and with Peter at her side, the two can tackle anything.

Clover steps out of the washroom, her hair down and falling past her shoulders. The two boys smile at her proudly, for their own reasons. She grins back and Peter comes over and hugs her tightly.

"So whatcha gonna call yourself?" Stark asks.

"Isn't it simple? I'm Spider-girl?"

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