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"Hey Aunt May" Peter says from the hall

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"Hey Aunt May" Peter says from the hall.

"Hi mom" Clover adds.

"Hey you two" May calls from the living room, "How was school?"

"Okay, but Peter had a pretty great day" Clover says, smirking at Peter.

"Oh really?"

"Yeah, but there's this crazy car parked out front" Peter says.

"Oh, Mr. Parker" a voice says.

          Peter and Clover both turn their heads to see a middle aged man with dark hair and trimmed facial hair sitting on the couch with May. He takes a bite out of May's repulsive walnut date loafs (they'd never tell May that though) and places it back on his plate. Peter's eyes nearly pop out of his head at the sight of the man, Clover takes a little longer to recognize the man as Tony Stark. The Parker's have a billionaire in their apartment, for no apparent reason.

Both of the Parker children take a step out of the kitchen and into the small living room.

"What...What are you doing?" Peter asks, bewildered that his idol is sitting on his couch, "Hey, I'm-I'm-I'm Peter"

Mr. Stark waves at Peter, "Tony" he says, like they didn't know who he is.

"What are you-What are you-What are you doing here?" Peter stumbles.

"It's about time we met. You've been getting my emails right?" Tony asks.

Peter looks at him confused, but Stark gives him a just go with it look. Clover glances between the two boys suspiciously, either Peter has been keeping more secrets or Peter is just as lost as she is.

"Yeah. Yeah. Regarding the..." Peter says, lying through his teeth.

"You didn't tell me about the grant" May adds.

"The grant?" Clover asks, "When did you apply for a grant Pete?"

"So you're the other Parker kid, any chance you're a genius too?" Stark asks.

"Not by a long shot" Clover says.

"You remember when you applied for the September Foundation Grant? Well, I approved. So now we're in business" Tony says.

"You didn't tell me about anything. What's up with that? You're keeping secrets from me now?" May says, "Clove did you know?"

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