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          Waking up the next morning to pure silence is disconcerting for Clover

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Waking up the next morning to pure silence is disconcerting for Clover. In all her life, Peter has never not slept at home. Every sleepover he had as a kid was at their tiny apartment. She can be completely honest, she misses Peter already. The fact that he isn't there just reminded her of the time, just a few months where she hardly ever saw him. Peter is so much a part of her life, it feels weird for him to not be around. Clover wonders what he's doing in Germany at this very moment. Maybe he's still sleeping, maybe he's having fun with new friends, maybe he's building something and using that big brain of his. She can only guess.

Walking to school is something else all together, the warm spring air doesn't warrant a sweater, but Clover wears an old ratty blue one anyways. Her hair is just pushed behind her ears. She woke up too late to care about what she looked like anyways. Entering the school, she spots Liz down the hall and walks towards her.

"Hey" Clover says.

"Hi" Liz answers, looking over her shoulder for a certain brunette.

"He's in Germany" Clover says.

"What? When?" Liz asks.

"Peter. Tony Stark came over to our apartment yesterday after school, he offered Peter this Foundation thing that he applied for. He agreed and he left for Germany last night" Clover explains.

Liz gives her a shocked look, "That seems really odd and sudden doesn't it?"

Clover nods in agreement, "Its super weird"

"So he's in Germany huh?" Liz repeats Clover's prior statement.

Clover nods, "Yup. So what's new with you?"

Liz thinks for a moment, "Oh! You know Spiderman right? Well, I read an article about him his morning, the Bugle is calling him a Menace! Can you believe that?"

"J. Jonah Jameson wouldn't know the difference between a hero and a menace if you explained it to him like he was a six year old" Clover jokes.

The girls laugh and make their way to class. As they walks into Science, Clover turns to Liz before they take their seats.

"Could I see that article?" Clover asks.

Liz leans over the desk and pulls something out of her backpack. She then hands the newspaper to Clover and she glances at the cover Spiderman: Hero or Menace? The picture on the cover is a crystal clear shot of Spiderman swinging from a building. His costume is a little tacky, red sweater, blue track pants and a mask with some clunky goggles are the extent of his attire. Clover reads the article, even as their teacher begins to teach. She reads through the hateful words that are thrown around. Monster. Freak. Wall Crawling Menace. Villain. Criminal. The guy only wants to help people and this is how they treat him? They treat him like some outlaw. However, the name underneath each shot of Spiderman seems familiar.

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