Heart and Heroics ›› Peter Parker [1] #Wattys2017 by SHIELD-Avenger
Heart and Heroics ›› Peter ˗ˏˋ Nerd Alert ˎˊ˗
❝With great power comes great responsibility.❞ [Highest rank #21 in fanfiction.] STORY REVIEWS: RelatablePotterhead- "I...
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scripted || chris evans by gholyhost
scripted || chris evansby ⭐️☃️festive clo☃️⭐️
aura dunkirk is a giant nerd who pretends to hate everybody including her one true love social media BOOK ONE: scripted BOOK TWO: typecast
  • war
  • socialmedia
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UNCONDITIONALLY | Bucky Barnes [1] by enchantingss
UNCONDITIONALLY | Bucky Barnes [1]by ⋆ R ⋆
in which they both save each other. "she found the colors to paint him where the world left him gray" a t t i cu s BOOK ONE
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  • lovestory
  • chrisevans
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Troubled // Irondad  by teenparker
Troubled // Irondad by teenparker
Peter's been through a lot in his life, so when something so horrible happens to his aunt, it messes with him and causes a chain of events.
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Crossing Court by wheadee
Crossing Courtby W H I T N E Y
In Stone Harbor, there's the north side, and then there's the south side. Everyone knows there's always been a boundary - until now Constant fights with the north sider...
  • feud
  • enemies
  • delinquent
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Hide Out: A Spiderman and Avengers fanfic by tacofunday2525
Hide Out: A Spiderman and tacofunday2525
Ever since May died, Peter has lived with team Iron Man in avengers tower. 2 years after the airport fight Peter gets really mad at Tony ad decides to run away. What hap...
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iMessage ϟ S. Stan by -bucky
iMessage ϟ S. Stanby ˗ˏˋ Adz ˊˎ˗
[Social Media Style] Eighteen years of knowing each other, in which they dated for nine, and now he wants her back. Cover by: -reyskywalker
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Chivalry is Dead ⇒ Sebastian Stan  by -chivalry
Chivalry is Dead ⇒ Sebastian Stan by -chivalry
"-girl let a real man pick up the slack and treat you with respect." [ social media ]
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  • fanfiction
  • chrisevans
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An Integrated Romance  by holygwarz
An Integrated Romance by with l⃣o⃣v⃣e⃣
Lewis is gone. Carolina came back. What happens when they find each other again. This time will they get the happy ending they have dreamed of for so long? Sequel to...
  • teen
  • history
  • interracial
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Dust || Tom Holland by scxrpiusmalfoy
Dust || Tom Hollandby horton hears a whO
@kyliewren; today i found out i'm going to be making out with tom holland aka peter parker aka spider man. my childhood dreams are coming true @tomholland1996; @kyliewre...
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Rise A Queen (A T'Challa/Black Panther Romance) by BeamingHope98
Rise A Queen (A T'Challa/Black BeamingHope98
Every King must have his Queen . . . They swore they would never see each other again. Their powers, their memories - too dark for Wakanda to handle. Until the events of...
  • black
  • america
  • queen
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Web Head {Peter Parker} by HotDoNotTouch
Web Head {Peter Parker}by Anna
in which the daughter of tony stark meets a boy in red spandex peter parker x oc captain america: civil war, spiderman: homecoming, thor: ragnarok part of FALLEN HEROES...
  • tomholland
  • buckybarnes
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Vigilantes // peter p. by pparkerrr
Vigilantes // peter k.w
"When I first met you, I thought you were weird because you kept staring at me, but now that I know you. I was right" A story in which two vigilantes run into...
  • peter
  • fighting
  • war
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✓ 1 | OF THE NIGHT → SEBASTIAN STAN by sebstab
  • marvel
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Holland- t.holland by siriuslyvangogh
Holland- t.hollandby amelia
@atticus: omg it's @tomholland2013 @chrisevans: omg it's @atticus @sebstan: omg it's @chrisevans @atticus: shut up, seb. @sebstan [SOCIAL MEDIA] 10 under #seb
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CRUEL WORLD - marvel [5] by buckiplier
CRUEL WORLD - marvel [5]by — ABBIE —
I did what I had to do. BOOK FIVE BUCKIPLIER © 2016
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  • agent
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The Soldier's Return (A Bucky Barnes Post-Civil War Fanfiction) by ZoeAlder
The Soldier's Return (A Bucky Zoë Alder
On the outside, Claire Clarke is just like every other seventeen year old orphan. On the inside? Not so much. What orphan can create poison with a thought or paralyze so...
  • avengers
  • fiction
  • fan
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Leave Me Broken [Winter Soldier] II by UnderMySkin
Leave Me Broken [Winter Soldier] IIby Sabrina
BOOK II Sequel to Leave Me Bleeding. Please read first; Book Three is "Reminisce: Dear O...
  • bucky
  • captain
  • evans
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Something To Believe In || Bucky Barnes x Reader  by heirtowinterfell
Something To Believe In || Bucky e m i l y
He was your mission, and you were his savior. After becoming the Winter Soldier, James Buchanan Barnes thought he had nothing left, not even his humanity, but you came a...
  • steve
  • imagine
  • avengers
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The Son by selena8712
The Sonby D I A M O N
<Sequel to "The Daughter"> "I need you and your brother to disable the Sokovia Accords." Said Fury. Unfortunately, Fury's agenda isn't the only...
  • war
  • sons
  • daughters
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