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          The rest of the night, Peter spends time in his room, doing homework

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          The rest of the night, Peter spends time in his room, doing homework. Clover comes home much later than she'd planned, around 7:00 late. As she closes the apartment door, she doesn't hear any noises inside of the apartment. She places her bag by the door and slowly walks towards her room. Peter's door is closed, but a light flickers beneath the door. She walks up to it and put her ear next to it, trying to hear what he is doing. Clover can hear mumbling coming from Peter, trying to solve an equation.

She smiles and knocks lightly, "Hey Einstein. You okay in there?"

Peter nearly falls of his chair, he had been so focused on his math that he hadn't even heard the apartment door open and close.

"You know you left the front door open right? Someone could have come in here and stolen mom's meatloaf recipe" Clover jokes.

Peter chuckles from the other side of the door, "I highly doubt anyone would want that recipe" he says.

Clover turns the knob of Peter's door only to find it locked, "Can you open the door Pete, I want to talk."

          Peter shoves the spider jar into his drawer along with his red mask. He throws out the scrapes of red fabric into his wastebasket and his sweater on top so that Clover wouldn't see. Peter then takes one big step towards his drawer and unlocks it, letting his cousin in. Clover glances at him suspiciously but enters and goes right to sitting on his bed. She crosses her legs and places her hands in her lap.

"I'm taking you up on your offer from earlier" Clover says.

Peter raises an eyebrow, forgetting exactly what he offered.

"About being able to talk to you about anything. I want to ask you about three days ago" Clover says.

In an instant, Peter's heart begins to race and he can feel and hear his heart beating in his chest, "Okay, shoot" he says.

"What happened? Ever since the field trip you've been acting weird. Catching that soccer ball, fighting Flash, leaving school early. What's up? And don't say it's nothing" Clover says.

Peter sighs, knowing that he can't tell her the truth, "I don't know what you mean, I feel fine. I'm that same person I have been for the last 15 years." Peter says, avoiding her question.

Clover closes her eyes and takes a sharp breath in and out, stopping herself from getting mad at Peter, "Fine" she says and walks out of his room, "I'll be next door when you want to give me a straight answer"

          Peter closes the door behind Clover and sighs. He walks over to his bed and falls flat on it, making him bounce up and down slightly. Peter stares up at he ceiling, thinking about what he's just done. Sure he lied to Clover, but it's more than that, he lied to her when all she wants to do is help, is to care for him. Clover has been Peter's protector since they were kids and now that he has the ability to fight for himself and others and he can't even tell her. He wished that he could talk to someone, tell someone, but he can't, not yet. Peter just seems to keep more and more secrets from Clover.

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