-Harry's Point of View-

I opened my eyes and looked around. I started rubbing my eyes to clear my view, I was in the hospital. I looked at my side and there was Angelica sleeping beside my bed. I sighed of relief as I saw her as I remember the events of last night.

Last night... I thought last night was probably the worst experience of my entire life. I shook my head and sat up careful not to wake up Angelica. I took my glasses from the table beside my bed. Then I notice the many candies and chocolates and cards of 'get well soon' in front of my bed. I grinned at what I saw and it's was only then that I notice that Dumbledore was in the room with me. "Good Afternoon, Harry" he greeted. "Ah, tokens from your friends and admirers?" he commented as looked at all the candies. "Admirers?" I repeated.

"What happened in the dungeon between you and Professor Quirrell was a secret. So naturally, the whole school knows." He said chuckling and I laughed. "Ah, I see that your friend Ron has taken the trouble of opening your chocolate frogs."


"Ron was here??? Is here alright??? What about Hermione???" I asked and Dumbledore held up a hand. "They're fine! They're both just fine, my boy." he reassured me. I suddenly felt so relieved and smiled, but it quickly faded as I remembered, "But what happened to the Stone?" I asked quickly and Dumbledore held up his hand once again, "Relax dear boy, the Stone has been destroyed" Dumbledore answers. "My friend Nicholas and I have agreed it was best to destroy the stone."

"But then Flamel..." I said slowly "he'll die won't he..?" Dumbledore looked at me for a moment then he sat down on my bed. "He has enough elixir to set his affairs in order. But yes... he will die."

"But how did I get the stone sir? I minute I was there looking at the mirror---"

"Ah you see," Dumbledore starts to explain. "Only the person who wanted to find the stone..find it but not use it... would be able to get it." Then he leans in closer to me and smiled "That is one of my brilliant ideas" he said winking. I smiled back at him. "Does that mean, with the stone gone, then Voldemort can never come back?" I asked hopefully.

Dumbledore leaned back and replied: "Ah I'm afraid there are ways in which he can return"

"Oh" I said looking down. "Harry.." I looked back up to Dumbledore, "Do you know why Professor Quirrell couldn't bear to have you touch him?" he asked. I slowly shook my head. "It was because of your mother." Dumbledore said. "She sacrificed her self for you and that kind of act leaves a mark." I absent mindedly touched the scar on my forehead. "No no..." Dumbledore shook his head. "This kind of mark cannot be seen, it lives on your very skin."

I got confused. On my.. skin..? "What is it..?" I asked curiously.

Dumbledore smiled once again, "Love, Harry... Love." his eyes wandered over to Angelica. "May I ask, are you and your sister still fighting?" I shook my head and he nodded. "She was the one who took you out of that dungeon you know. With a little of my help." I nodded, he paused for a while and added "I was the one who told her not to tell you... I was hoping that it would be best for you to know at the right time. Please forgive me."

"There's nothing to forgive sir" I said with a slight smile. He nods and patted my head gently and stood up. "Ah!" he exclaimed "Bertie Bott's every flavored beans. It was most unfortunate of my youth to come across a vomit flavored one." I scrunched up my face as I tried to imagine what that tastes. "Since then I lost my liking for them." He continues "But I think it could be safe with a nice toffee." Then he took one of the beans and ate it. "Hmm, alas! Ear wax" I started to laugh and he chuckled with me and he handed over the box to me before he left.

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