"All students must be equipped with: 1 standard sized pewter cauldron and may bring if they desire, either a cat an owl or a toad. Uhm, professor, can we... find all this in London?" I asked.

We're here in London; we've spent hours travelling from the orphanage. Professor McGonagall wanted to "apparate" (whatever that is...) or use a 'portkey' (whatever that is...), from the orphanage but she said I can't do so because I have no idea how to and because it's my first time to use such magic. So we decided, old style, transportation. We've been getting stares lately, I was feeling anxious but Professor McGonagall walks around like nobody is staring at her.

"We won't be buying those in London, dear." She replied and I got confused.

"Then... where?"

"You'll see."

I stopped asking and just followed her. We entered this pub, called 'Leaky Cauldron', which was crowded inside. The thing is, everyone was dressed like Professor McGonagall. Everybody was wearing all kinds of robes, some have pointy hats and some don't.

"Professor McGonagall, delighted to see you!" a man from behind the counter greeted her.

"Wonderful day to you, Tom" Professor McGonagall replied.

"Can I serve you anything?" Tom asked.

"I'm afraid I can't, Tom. I have important business to do." she answered. "I'm helping Miss Potter to get her things for Hogwarts"

Tom's eyes suddenly widened and started stammering. "I----I cannot believe it... It's Harriet Potter"

Then the pub went silent and everybody's eyes we're on me. "I cannot believe you're here, Miss Potter" a woman said and she shook my hand.

"Delighted to see you, Miss!" a squeaky old man greeted and he grinned at me.

"Thank you sir..." I said politely.

"Harriet Potter...uh... can I call you that?" someone from my right asked me excitedly. "You can call me Angelica" I smiled and he laughed merrily. "Angelica Potter then! It's a pleasure to meet you" and he shook my hand. "The pleasure's mine" I replied.

"M-M-Miss Potter... very delighted t---t-to meet y-you." A man stammered.

He was tall and he was wearing a turban. I was about to reply when Professor McGonagall cut off.

"Ah, Professor Quirrel, good to see you here" she said. "Angelica, this is your Defense against the dark arts teacher in Hogwarts"

"Oh" I said and I extended my arm. "Nice to meet you" I said but Professor Quirrel stared at my hand and inched away. " S-same here" he stammered. "L-looking forward to s-seeing you in Hogwarts."

"I couldn't agree more." I muttered. "Well shall we go?" Professor McGonagall asked me and I nodded.

She led me to a small, walled courtyard.

"Why do all those people know me? I mean what did I do? Why is it that it looks like I'm famous?" I blurted out as soon as we got out.

Professor McGonagall took her wand and started tapping a wall. "I believe I'm not the right person to tell you that." She replied simply.

I wanted to ask so many questions but I just remained quiet.

After tapping she stepped back the wall started shaking and the bricks were separating from each other and before I knew it formed some kind of archway to a different world.

More people in cloaks were on the other side of the archway.

"Welcome to Diagon Alley, Angelica" she told me.

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