The rays of the sun blinded me as I woke up. I had a weird dream last night well actually it's the same dream I get every night. It's about a flying motorcycle and two adults wearing these long cloaks and pointy hats and the rider of the motorcycle is a giant. The giant carried a baby if I'm not mistaken. But I dismissed that thought. It's just another day in the orphanage. I took the thin round glasses beside my bed and wore them. I noticed a crack on one of the lenses. Avery... I thought sighing. Avery Collins is the "most respected" in the orphanage because she is oldest and the largest and whatever. But to me, she's a complete idiot. She's a pain in the arse. She's obviously jealous because I get good grades and I get enough attention from the elders and she just gets scolded at every time.

Anyway I stood up and headed for the kitchen. "Good morning Miss Audrey" I said politely. "Well good morning dear" she said smiling. Miss Audrey is my favorite person in the orphanage. Every morning I help her with breakfast, lunch and supper and if we finish early she would take me out to the garden and show me the flowers and tell me all about them. Sometimes when she goes in to my room she gives me loads of candies. "Don't show these to anyone, it's especially for you" I remember her saying. But sometimes, I'm tempted to ask about my past. Because I have no baby pictures, no birth certificate and no anything! But she just kept changing the topic. I knew there's something in my past. And I have to find it out...Sometime.

"Can I help with anything?" I asked. "Oh yes you could help me cook the bacon and eggs." She replied. I nodded and stood beside the stove and cooked some bacon. "Your birthday's coming up...." Miss Audrey said. "Yeah..." I muttered. Nothing good ever happens in my birthday, just extra beatings from Avery and 1 or 2 gifts, probably a spoon or one shoe (Yeah that's right... A SINGLE SHOE!). I don't know how they can top last year's "special" gift... a bottle of lotion with ketchup on it. But Miss Audrey can always light up my birthday. I smiled at that thought. "You're a young lady now..." she added. "I'm just eleven Miss, I'm barely a lady" I said half-laughing. "I don't know, I think you'll get a surprise on this birthday" Miss Audrey said and grinned. I raised my eyebrows; does this have anything to do with my past? I thought. My heart suddenly started beating so fast; it was bouncing of excitement. "What do you mean?" I asked. "You'll see..." she replied with a wink. I could feel curiosity bugging me. What was that surprise?

I looked at Miss Audrey hoping for more information but she kept her attention on the roast beef she was cooking. I sighed knowing that she will never tell me about it. Miss Audrey and I cooked some more then we took a stroll around the garden. I always loved being here in the garden with Miss Audrey. Everything was so peaceful. It's like there are no Averies and no problems and no bullies. It's like everything is a magical paradise. I just like being in the presence of beautiful flowers and butterflies flying around them. We passed through a bush of lilies. I bent down and took one lily and placed it my hair. I've always liked lilies. I don't know why. All I know is the moment I laid my eyes on the flower I liked it in an instant. After that, we returned to the orphanage to see some of the kids awake and already bugging us for breakfast. Miss Audrey just chuckled to herself and gave each child a plate of bacons, eggs, mashed potatoes and sausages.

I admire her a lot, she coped with all these annoying and clingy children for 17 years and she never gets tired of serving them. No matter how many times they bad-mouthed her cooking or throwing food everywhere or kicked and disrespect her she never complained and stayed there. She always gives the same reason: "They're just kids, they don't know what they're doing or saying". Miss Audrey doesn't deserve to be treated like this, she's so sweet and so kind, she deserves to be respected. "Here's your breakfast, Harriet. Eat well!" she said handing me a plate. I shuddered at the sound of my first name. Miss Audrey laughed and left. I should explain, I hate my first name. It just sounds so... adult. I prefer being called Angelica or Angel. "Well good morning, Harriet" a voice said behind me. I groaned, I turned around and I saw my nightmare. Avery, with her broad shoulders, red bushy hair, hazel eyes, crooked teeth and freckled face. "Good morning Avery" I muttered.

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