I held on to my broom tightly as I flew up towards Harry's direction. My hands were shaking in fear as I got higher and higher. But the feeling of the wind flowing past me and my hair flying everywhere is amazing. I always wondered what it feels like to fly. Now I know. It's so beautiful. Like what Harry did, I pulled up my broom and got higher. I rose up Harry's level. "Harry!!" I yelled when I got near him. "Angelica!" he exclaimed half surprised half worried, "What are you doing?!"

"I'm not letting you fight him alone!" I answered. "Awww, how sweet of female-Potter." Malfoy sneered. Harry and I turned to glare at him. "Give it back Malfoy or I'll knock off your broom!" Harry yelled angrily. For someone who I've meet for only two weeks, he's pretty scary when he gets angry. Malfoy smirked at him and just rolled the ball in his hand. "Malfoy if you think you impress anybody you're failing. You just look like a sick stupid jerk!" I yelled at him. His gaze turned to me and his obnoxious smirk grew even wider. "Let's see who looks stupid when I do this..." then he threw the ball hard and it started falling down. Harry sped off to get the ball. "Harry!" I called out and followed him. I pulled my broom down and believe me, if flying up was amazing, flying down was incredibly horrifying. The thought of you sliding off your broom is definitely petrifying and traumatic but I got myself into this. It's a little bit too late to fly off and leave Harry alone.

I pointed the broom handle downward. Speed was increasing and I'm having an adrenaline rush making me feel jumpy and energetic. I sped down and within seconds I was beside Harry whose arm was stretched out to reach the ball. I pushed my broom forward and reached out but Harry got the ball before I even touched it. Then he flew away from me, and then it struck me that I was dashing to the ground probably 10 feet a minute. I can hear gasps coming from my classmates. I closed my eyes and pulled the broom handle straight. I feel myself changing direction; I slowly opened my eyes to see that I was heading straight to my classmates instead!!! Before I could even get near them I managed to pull the broomstick upward and flew up.

I smile as the wind dance along with my hair while flying. "ANGELICA!" I heard Harry call me. I steadied my broom look sideways and saw Harry grinning at me. He threw the ball to me and I reached out and got it with both of my hands. "Nice catch!" he called and I laughed. Then it occurred to me that I was riding a broom, without holding it. Oh Merlin! I quickly grabbed the broom handle before anything happens to me. Harry sped toward me and we slapped high fives. "Let's go down?" he said. I nodded and we both flew down. Our classmates were running toward us while cheering and shouting. Ron was pumping his fist in the air along with the other Gryffindor students. "That was amazing!" Katrina said coming up to me. "It was bloody brilliant!" I told her.


The tone of Professor McGonagall's cry was a sign of TROUBLE. We all turned to look at her as she approached us with a deep scowl on her face. "Uh-oh..."

"Never---ever--- in my time at Hogwarts" she started ranting as she stomped over to us. I looked at Harry and he was uncomfortable as I was. She glared at us from her glasses. I'm afraid her eyes will turn bloody red if she gets angrier. The other students were trying to explain the whole thing but McGonagall wouldn't listen to them. "You two, follow me." She said. She turned her back on us and walked back to the castle with Harry and me on her tail. On the corner of my eye I saw Malfoy smiling triumphantly. HE'S GETTING IT LATER.

We followed her through the castle. I tried to keep my distance from her; I have never seen her like this before. Back in Diagon Alley she looked so sweet and friendly. "What do you think she'll do to us?" I whispered to Harry who was looking at the floor miserably. He looked at me like I was dying or something, "Expel us maybe" he told me sadly. Now I felt miserable too. Both of us just kept quiet while we followed her. Expelled?! She can't expel me! She saw how miserable I was in the orphanage. She saw how Avery ruined my life. She was the one who brought me here and she cannot take me away!

We rounded a corner. "Miss Potter, please stay here." She told me. I glanced at Harry and forced myself an encouraging smile before they left leaving me there. I saw the both of them stop by our Charms Classroom. How very odd? McGonagall knocked and she looked like she called someone from the class. Harry caught my eye and he gave me a questioning look. Then a student, probably in a fifth year, came out of the classroom also looking a bit confused. Professor McGonagall introduced the two of them. I know because Harry and the guy shook hands. Then McGonagall broke into a wide grin. I saw her telling the guy some things. I guess it's about Harry's performance a while ago. The guy looked stunned and delighted at the same time. They had quite a long conversation. When they finished McGonagall and Harry went back to where I am. "Right, Harry Potter go to your next subject. Angelica come on we have to meet someone." She said. I nodded and I shot a look at Harry. With just my eyes I can tell him, meet me after dinner. He nodded and went off.

I followed Professor McGonagall quietly but a lot of thoughts were running around in my head. My curiosity is killing me. "Professor...?"


"Where are we going?"

She didn't bother to look at me, she just kept walking. "We'll meet someone important" was all she said. I just nodded and continued to follow her. We stopped by our D.A.D.A classroom. Professor McGonagall knocked on the door and it opened. "Professor Quirrel can I excuse Aaron for a second?" I heard Quirrel stutter a "yes". A boy with brunette and curly hair and brilliant green eyes came out of the room. "Angelica this is Aaron Adams. He is the captain of the Ravenclaw Quidditch team." She explained. Then McGonagall turned to Aaron, "Aaron I think a found you a perfect Chaser!" she said excitedly. Aaron looked at me and smiled. I wonder if a lot of girls are crushing on him. He's very handsome and I wouldn't be surprised if he's popular. I haven't met him yet though, I'm not communicating with the other students of Ravenclaw.

Anyway, McGonagall's statement confused me. I raised my eyebrow.

"Harry Potter caught that ball (pointing at the ball in my hand) in mid air. He tossed that ball to Miss Potter over here and caught it with both of her hands. I must say she makes a fair Chaser."

Aaron started to walk around me, looking at me carefully. "This is great news. We've been looking for a Chaser for months and I'm losing hope. Have you ever watched a Quidditch game?" he asked.

"Uhm... no not really but I have read a bunch of articles about it and I have read the entire Quiddtch Through The Ages book." I answered. Aaron nodded and looked at Professor McGonagall. "She's good enough I just need to train her."

"Perfect!" Professor McGongall said clasping her hands.

"Professor...?" Aaron started. "Yes Aaron?"

"Why are you helping our Quidditch Team? Aren't you supposed to be helping your house?" he asked half laughing. McGonagall smiled at me and placed her hand on my back. "I just thought, maybe Miss Potter needs to be introduced in the fields of sports." She answered then she looked at me straight in the eye. "Your father loved playing Quidditch and I'm sure he'll be very delighted to see you playing."

THE FEELS AND THE EMOTIONS I'M RECEIVING WHEN SHE SAID THAT. A thousand emotions just came flooding through me. Though, I bit my lip hesitating whether I should accept the role of a Chaser. It's just one lucky catch. Plus I was just following my instincts. What if I got out to the real field and I'm not as amazing as they expect me to be?

Aaron looked at me hopefully. "So are you up for it Potter?"

I looked at him with a battle going on, on my head. Am I up for it? I thought about it for a while before opening my mouth to say my decision.

"BUT WHY????!"

I focused my attention on my plate. I've been playing with my food and not taking a single bite. "I just don't think I'm not yet ready for Quidditch." I just told Katrina the events earlier and I told her that I rejected the place. "That catch was amazing! You completely just caught it like that without even caring that you're no longer gripping your broom! You know how many people do that? A few! And they all fell off their brooms afterwards. But you kept steady on your broom!" Katrina ranted. "Kat that was just one lucky catch! And I wasn't thinking besides what if I got there and fell off my broom?" I reasoned out. She groaned causing some to look at her. "Angelica honestly!"

"I wasn't thinking when I caught that ball!" "Well when you're up there playing Quidditch, don't think!" I started to laugh but Katrina was still grimacing.

"Angelica, you're a huge help for our Quidditch team. You should know that. You could bring our house to victory!"

"I reckon not."

I caught Aaron's eye from a far and he gave me a small smile. The look he gave me when I said: "I'm sorry" earlier had my conscience going crazy. Katrina pounded the table disappointedly and kept eating her mashed potatoes. "Look, I promise I will join the Quidditch team, maybe next year or next or next but not now. I just think I'm not ready for it." I explained. Giving up, she sighed and just ate. I took a few bites off my spaghetti casserole, I wasn't really hungry. Earlier events of today got me off my mood. "I'm going to bed." I announced and I stood up and left. The moment I got to the wooden oak doors of the Great Hall, I saw Harry with Ron in a heated conversation coming in my way. "Hiya Harry" I greeted them. Harry looked up and he looked really troubled. "Oh, hey Angelica." He said. I turned to Ron who also had a troubled look. "Uhm," I started "Something wrong?"

"Malfoy asked Harry to a wizard duel tonight." Ron explained. My jaw dropped in horror of they just told me. "Wizard's duel?! But Harry we don't know any spells yet! Why did you agree to this??" "I didn't agree to anything!" Harry protested. "Actually, I did." Ron butted in. I gave him a stern look. "What we're you thinking?" I asked. "Actually I just agreed I'd be Harry's second. I guess Malfoy took that as a yes to his challenge." He explained. "I don't know what to do." Harry complained looking discouraged. "Harry, you defeated You-Know-Who! You can surely beat Malfoy in a stupid little duel." Ron reasoned out. "I was a baby back then!!" Harry said. Ron turned to look at me for help but I don't know what to do either. "Can you like, cancel the agreement?" I suggested.

"That would make us look weak" Ron snorted.

I scratched my head. We're hopeless.

"Well... let's just see what happens." I sighed. Harry and Ron exchanged glances and just nodded. "Excuse me" a familiar voice said behind us. The boys groaned and I turned around to face the bushy-haired girl in front of me. "I couldn't help but overhear your conversation"

"Didn't anybody tell you it's rude to eavesdrop on someone's discussion" Ron told her. I gave him a look but he just grimaced. Hermione on the other hand, ignored Ron's comment and continued to glare at Harry. "You mustn't go! You'll only take points away from Gryffindor!"

Harry opened his mouth but Ron spoke up, "Hermione, if we don't go we'll look like pathetic wimps to Malfoy!!!" Hermione rolled her eyes and placed her hands on her hips. "That is so selfish of you!!"

"Well it's not really your business." Harry muttered. I turned to look at him. He just shrugged. Ron stuck his tongue out and the boys went past Hermione. I looked at Hermione with an apologetic smile, "I'm sorry about them, Hermione." I said patting her shoulder. She sighed irritated and just stomped off.

"Angelica... Angelica..." a hoarse voice called my name. "Who's there?!" I said sounding brave. It was dark, the room, considering if this is a room, was pitch black. I could hardly see anything. "Who's there???!" I repeated. Then the room started to light up and no, that's not a relief. Because the room is on fire. Then a figure rose from the fire, it was approaching me. I tried to step back but the roaring fire was very close to me. "Who are you?!" I said. "Angelica... you are such a brave child" the voice said. "You should be on my side. You should be with me." I tried to squint my eyes to see the figure carefully. "I can tell you everything you want to know and everything you need to know. I can give you power. Power that could bring people begging on their knees. Just be with me..."the figure was getting closer... closer... closer... and to my horror... it was Professor Quirrel! But something is wrong... his eyes were glassy, and his mouth was hanging weirdly open. He was walking like a zombie. "Angelica...." He said my name again. I was getting terrified... what happened to him?! "We could rule the wizarding world together. I could give you anything you want. I could let you see your parents again. Just be with me" he said in a hoarse and scary voice.

"NO!" I screamed then Professor Quirrel's eyes turned bloody red. He frowned at me, "WRONG ANSWER!" then he jumped and then he was floating off the ground and speeding towards me! I started screaming. Then I saw Snape on the corner, laughing menacingly. "TIME TO DIE" he said with an evil grin. "NO!!!!!!!!!!!!"

I woke up with a start my hands were shaking terribly. I was gasping for breath; I gripped the side of my bed to steady me. That was the worst nightmare I had in ages. I shook my head and looked everywhere. Everyone was soundly asleep. Katrina was snoring softly. I jumped off my bed and hurriedly went down to the common room and started pacing. I was still scared and terrified. What was that!? I wiped my forehead and I noticed that I was sweating like a pig. I shook my hands but they were still shaking. I NEED TO GET OUT OF HERE. I NEED AIR.

I went back to the dormitory to get my wand and went out of the common room. "Lumos" I muttered and the tip of my wand lightened. I went downstairs. I don't care if I'm out of bed. I'm aware of Filch guarding the halls, but I'm suffocating, I need air. I just kept walking. I don't really know where I am but if Filch sees me I'll just say I was sleep walking. Breathe... I told myself. Just breathe...

I looked behind to see if someone was following me but then I bumped into somebody. OH NO. NOT FILCH! I turned around and saw... "Harry! Ron! Neville? Her...mione?" I said looking at a startled Ron and Harry, a scared Neville and a furious Hermione. "What are you doing out?" I asked. "The midnight duel?" Ron reminded me. "Oh right..."

"What are you doing out?" Harry asked. "I had a nightmare." I reasoned out. "I needed air" Harry nodded to say he understood. "Harry this will sound crazy but take me with you to the midnight duel. Please? I don't want to sleep yet. It was really...really horrible Harry if only you had the same dream it would've scared you too----"I rambled but Harry held my shoulders. "Okay, I get it. You could come. Now calm down Angelica." He told me. I nodded and took a deep breath. "Alright, let's go." Harry said. Ron, Neville and I followed Harry while Hermione walk behind us still angry. "Why is Hermione and Neville with you?" I whispered to Ron. "She followed us outside and the Fat Lady in the portrait went for a nighttime stroll and Neville forgot the password so he stayed out in the hall and both can't come in." he explained. I nodded and continued to follow Harry.

I kept my mouth shut and just followed them. We eventually got to the trophy room, and thank goodness we didn't run into Filch in the way. The room was empty. "I thought Malfoy would be here by now." Harry muttered. "Maybe chickened out." Ron suggested. "Right, he's not here. Let's go before we get caught!" Hermione hissed but a noise from somewhere made us all froze. Harry got his wand expecting it was Malfoy but instead it was... "Sniff around, my sweet, they might be lurking in the corner" the unmistakable voice of Filch. Harry waved his hand to follow us; we all scurried out of the room to get away form Filch. "They're in here somewhere... probably hiding..." I heard Filch mutter. Filch was getting nearer and nearer and my heart was pounding faster and faster.

Then something happened to Neville because the next thing I saw was he grabbed Ron's waist and they fell right into a suit of armor.

"RUN!!!!" Harry and I yelled at the same time. We ran as fast as we can. I don't care wherever Filch is the important thing is we avoid him. Harry led us to a somewhat hidden passageway and we came out near the Charms classroom. Thankfully, miles from the trophy room. "I think we've lost him." Harry said. I nodded, bending over my knees panting. Well it's better than having a continuation with that awful dream. "I------told-------you" Hermione gasped. "We have to get back to Gryffindor tower, quickly as possible. I'm sorry Angelica but we have to get back. Don't worry about the dream" Ron panted patting me on the back. I just nodded still panting heavily. Hermione went on about Malfoy tricking Harry. "He was never going to meet you--- Filch knew someone was going to be in the trophy room, Malfoy must've tipped him off." I looked at Harry and he was in deep thought. Then he just shook his head. "Let's go."

But before we could even move, a ghost came out and gave a loud squeal of delight. "Shut up, Peeves! Please, you'll get us thrown out!!" Harry said. Peeves, just cackled. "Wandering around at midnight, Ickle Firsties? Tut, tut, tut, naughty, naughty, you'll get caughty!"

"Not if you don't give us away, Peeves, please."

"Should tell Filch, I should!!" Peeves said. "It's for your own good you know."

"Peeves, come on please don't do this!" I pleaded. But Ron snapped, "Get out of the way!" BIG MISTAKE!!!

"STUDENT OUT OF BED! STUDENTS OUT OF BED DOWN THE CHARMS CORRIDOR!!!!" Peeves screamed. "Oh god" I muttered before running for my life. I don't care if my footsteps are loud I have to get away form here, away from Peeves, away from Filch, I AM SO IN TROUBLE.

We got to the end of the corridor. There's a door, thank God. But wait! IT'S LOCKED.

"That's it! We're done for!" Ron cried out. "Oh move over!" Hermione said pushing him out of the way. She got her wand and said: "Alohomora" and the door opened. We all burst inside of the room and closed the door behind us. I could hear Peeves and Filch arguing outside of the door. My hands and knees were still shaking from the adrenaline rush. I separated myself of the group who's eavesdropping on the conversation outside. I headed towards the center of the room but I stopped in my tracks before I could get any nearer in the middle of the 'room'. In fact we are not in a room; we're in the forbidden corridor. The one Dumbledore said during his speech. Neville was beside me, petrified. His face was as pale as mine as we both stared at...at...


"Uh... Harry...?" I said careful not to wake the dog. "I think we'll be okay..." Harry muttered. Yeah right lookie here.

"Haaaarryyyy" I said tugging on his sleeve. "What?" Harry snapped turned facing to me irritated but then his expression changed when his eyes landed on the monster. His loud snap woke the beast and it's now fluttering it's eyes open and getting up to it's feet and...oh dear... yeah this is worst than the nightmare. The dog startled growling madly. Without thinking... "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!" We all screamed. Filch or the dog? I'LL TAKE FILCH ANYTIME. We all scrambled out of the door just as the dog barked angrily, we all pushed the door close as the dog forced it open. "COME ON PUSH!!!" I told them and we pushed harder. CLOSED! Ron locked it quickly. Thankfully Filch was gone, probably looking for us somewhere else. We ran to the Gryffindor Common Room. When we got there, I just left them outside and hurried back to the common room. I knocked and the eagle said its riddle and I answered it quickly and ran up to our dormitory. I rushed to my bed, jumped on it and pulled the covers over my head. I shut my eyes trying to calm myself. That went well...


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