My lips quivered as I stared into Harry's furious eyes. I wanted to speak but I can't say anything, like there's something stopping me from speaking.

"Well???" he demanded.

I looked at him, scared. My hands are shaking, taking a deep breath, "Harry..." I started. "I---- I d-didn't mean to k-keep it f-from y-you"

"So it's true then???!"

I couldn't help but just look into his eyes. Those brilliant green eyes identical to mine. Except they were looking at me furiously. Just thinking about Harry being so mad at me break me into a million pieces. I turned away from him and nodded, "Yes. You're my brother."

I heard him huff angrily, out of the corner of my eye his hand was covering his face. "Why are you so angry?" I asked. He turned to me, surprised. "Why am I angry at you? Why am I--- because you kept it from me that's why!!" he told me.

"I told you, I didn't mean to keep it from you!"

"You still kept it from me!" he stomped his foot on the ground hard, so hard it echoed on the entire deserted corridor. I'm glad no one was here to witness this scene we're making.

"I thought you trust me??!" he asked me.

"I do!"

"Then why did you keep this from me?"

I sighed wiping the tears from my eyes. "B-b-because... because..."

"Because what?!"

"Because Dumbledore told me to! Okay???" I blurted out. I turned my back on him and just sobbed. Why did this have to happen? I didn't want him to know like this. I swear... I swear I am going to murder every single one of the students in Slytherin. "How long did you knew?" his question making me jump from all the silence and awkwardness around us. "About this, I mean" his tone calm but not the friendly and nice calm tone I used to know. "Since that day we found out more about Flamel in the library." I heard him huff annoyed again. "You waited that long for me to find out?"

"Look, I didn't mean for you to find out this way!" I argued. "Then how? How exactly do you plan to reveal this thing?" he asked, his loud and angry voice echoing through the entire corridor.

I turned to look at him and was about to answer when someone interrupted our argument. "What's going on in here?" a familiar feminine voice called out. "What's all this yelling?"

We both turned to look at Professor McGonagall looking both questioning and strict. "Shouldn't the two of you be at the Great Hall right now? It's 6:30 in the morning for heaven's sake and you're causing a lot of commotion!"

"Professor," I sighed. "Harry---"

"Yes Miss Potter?"

I looked from her to Harry still staring angrily at me. "He knows" was all I can utter from my mouth. All the color from Professor McGonagall's face seemed to have drowned out. Her face now pale white. Harry whipped around to face her, "you know too?!" he asked her. She sighed sadly, "Children I think it's much better if we see Professor Dumbledore"

"But----" Harry argued but Professor McGonagall was already walking away towards Dumbledore's office. "Follow me." Harry turned to glare at me one last time before he followed Professor McGonagall. I just trailed along behind them my eyes stinging from early crying. More tears fell from my eyes as we walked along the corridors in silence. The only thing breaking the silence is my loud sniffing.

I hate Slytherin.

I hate Pansy Parkinson

I hate everyone who believed that I made Harry look like a complete idiot.

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