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Pen Your Pride



I whipped my head around to see who called out my name. It was Hermione, her hands are a bit bloody and she looked very troubled. "Yeah...?" I said weakly as she approached us.

"I need your help with Ron's hand. It's worse than I expected." She pleaded. I turned to Harry and he had a look on his face that urged me to just go on and help her. I simply sighed and nodded before leaving the library with Hermione.

"I'm really sorry about the disruption..." she apologized.

"It's okay...really." I said and I meant it.

"Ron's hand was just terrible and I couldn't mend it myself and I know how good you are with aiding someone and-----"Hermione continued but my thoughts drifted.

I almost told him the truth.


Thank goodness I didn't though, I was so nervous and I don't know! I fell into the temptation. But I keep on wondering what would've happened if I just told him right there and then? What would he say? Would he really be happy and pleased if he knew he's my brother? My long lost twin brother who I have longed to be with and longed to see since those horrible weeks in the orphanage??

I don't know, but I just want him to know, the sooner the better.

Hermione was right when she said Ron's hand was just horrible. By the next day his hand had swollen twice its normal size. I really think he should go to Madam Pomfrey but we fear that she will find out about the dragon and then what will happen to Hagrid?

But we had nothing else to do, even Hermione and I, together, can't work it out anymore, we are forced to take Ron to the hospital. Ron told her he was bitten by a dog; the thing is Madam Pomfrey won't believe him.

That's not the worst part.

Malfoy, the little cockroach, borrowed Ron's books from Madam Pomfrey. What's his point on that? He just wants to go to the hospital to laugh at poor Ron. THAT'S NOT ALL. He keeps on threatening to tell Madam Pomfrey what really bit Ron

"I might punch him." I muttered to myself one time when we visited Ron in the hospital. He looked TERRIBLE. Harry, Hermione and I try our very best to calm him down.

"It will all be over by Saturday, midnight." Hermione reassured him. But that only made Ron more anxious.

"Midnight on a Saturday?!! OH NO--- I'VE JUST REMEMBERED----Charlie' letter was in that book Malfoy took, he's going to know we're getting rid of Norbert!"

And believe me; I nearly fainted when he said that.

So since Ron is in the hospital, Harry decided that he and Hermione should take the dragon by Saturday, I will help them carry the cage from Hagrid's hut to the castle and I will go cover for them, there. Everything is set up according to the plan, everything should go well but the long wait for Saturday is agonizing. Everyday I keep on praying that time would just run fast.

Each hour of each day is a pain. I don't remember a single day where in I wouldn't panic of anxiety.

What have I gotten myself into?

By Saturday night, FINALLY THANK GOODNESS, it was really sad to see Hagrid crying because Norbert is gone. Hearing him say: "Bye bye Norbert! Mommy will never forget you!" makes me really sad about all this. I mean of course I know how hard it is when a loved one will depart from you.

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