Chapter 7: A visitor

My things are packed. Tomorrow I'll be leaving this place for good. I'm leaving this hell. I'm leaving that stupid no good bully. I'll just apply for a job as a helper somewhere. I don't know how I'll survive but, I'll do something. It's already 8:00 in the evening of my birthday. I skipped dinner. Miss Audrey was tapping on my door for dinner but I ignored her.

This is the worst birthday ever.


This is the worst day of my entire life.

I just lay on my bed and ignoring my rumbling stomach. I tried to sleep but my stomach was aching.

I'm hungry but I don't want to go out and face everyone in there. When everyone is asleep, I'll sneak out for a sandwich.

I waited 2 more hours until it was lights out and everyone was in their bedrooms. I quietly snuck out of my room, went to the kitchen and opened our refrigerator. I took a chicken sandwich, a can of soda and some cookies. I went back into my room and ate silently. This isn't the first time I ate dinner in my room.

There was a time when Avery pissed me so much and I spent the evening in my room. The only difference was Miss Audrey was with me. She wasn't disappointed at me or at my actions. She was the one who snuck out some food and ate them with me. She still entered my room even if I ignored her calls because like I said, she wasn't disappointed at me.

Well she definitely is right now. Tomorrow before I leave I will apologize because she got suspended. I was the one who forced her to defend me against that Avery-loving-woman. It is my fault she got suspended.

I'm sure they will ask me to apologize tomorrow, but I will only apologize to Miss Audrey, because she deserves it more. I meant every harsh word I told Avery. She picked on me for the last 11 years in my life and it's my turn.

It's weird, because she picked on me for 11 years and she didn't get caught. When I did my self-defense, I was the one who got caught.

I remember a few days ago when Avery picked on me again and I ran to my room crying and Miss Audrey comforted me and told me about my past. Told her I wanted to leave.

Tomorrow I am leaving and... I really didn't expect that I would leave this place like this. I thought I would run away or something. Instead I will get kicked out.

But does that matter? The important thing is I'm leaving.

I ate my dinner slowly. I stayed up until 1:00 in the morning. In just a few hours I'm leaving. I'll be sleeping in the streets. I'll be working as a maid.

Soon enough, I was so drowsy I just felt myself fall into my bed and fall asleep.


9:00 am

It's morning already.

I'll be leaving today.

Goodbye cruel orphanage.

I didn't realize I woke up 2 hours late. I always wake up at around seven. I'm even more surprised when no one came in to wake me up.

Probably because they're afraid of me because I'm a "violent person".

I still have half of my chicken sandwich left from last night and 4 cookies. I ate my sandwich and kept the cookies in my bag for my travelling. I have 5 pounds in my wallet. Enough to buy dinner for... one night.

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