I woke up earlier than I expected. It was an hour before we have breakfast in the Great Hall. I decided to take a bath first. Afterwards I wore my school robe. I got a small bag and put some books, parchments, quill and ink. While waiting for Katrina to wake up I went down to the common room.

I looked at all the books on the bookcases. There were books all about the wizarding world, the history of Hogwarts and so much more. I even managed to find some books written by Shakespeare. I got one novel from the bookcases, sat on one of the comfy chairs and started to read. I wonder if I could bring this book with me or it's supposed to be left in here. Soon, when I finished 5 chapters of the book, Katrina went down to the common room. "I've been looking for you!" she said looking relieved in seeing me. "I thought you left me."

"I'm not the type of person who leaves my friends alone" I said and smiled at her. "So... breakfast?"

"Sure! Let's go!" she said. I returned the book back to the bookcase, grabbed my bag and left. We headed down to the Great Hall. It's amazing because I only spent one night in this castle and I still know the way to the Great Hall. One thing bothered me while walking towards the Great Hall. And that is, the murmurs, the stares and the whispers I've been receiving.

"Is that her?"

"Yes! That's Harriet Potter!!"

"Can you see that scar on her forehead??!"

"Are you okay?" Katrina asked me when I was looking at the floor, trying to conceal my face. "Yeah. Just avoiding the attention" I replied. When we got there a few students were already eating. Katrina and I sat on the Ravenclaw table and started eating. I made sure to fill up so that I wouldn't get hungry in class. And trust me I'm not me when I'm hungry. (A/N: SNICKERS!!!!!!! HAHAHHAHA XD). While eating, Professor McGonagall handed us a roll of parchment each. "What are these?" I asked her politely. "Those are your schedules." She replied and went on distributing the rolls. I unrolled the parchment and looked at my schedule. We have History of Magic first and we also have Herbology twice a week. Charms afterwards then lunch and then transfiguration, defense against the darks arts and finally potions.

"Interesting..." Katrina muttered and I nodded. "I'm sort of interested in Charms class" I commented.

"So, are you excited?" she asked me.

"For what?"

"Our first day of classes of course!"

"Oh yes... quite excited. What do you think they'll make us do?"

"I don't know, but I hope they won't give us any homework"


After eating we headed straight to History of Magic class. Our teacher, Professor Binns is a ghost. He told us that one time he was in the staff room and he fell asleep in front of the staff room fire. He woke up the next day to teach and he left his body behind, that extremely creped me out. Although, History of Magic was MAJORLY BORING. I almost fell asleep. We just kept taking lectures and Professor Binns just kept talking. A Ravenclaw boy sitting beside me actually fell asleep during the class. Luckily, he didn't get caught. I was so tempted to sleep but thankfully classes were over.

Herbology was another thing. It wasn't as boring as History of Magic but it got me a bit confused with some of the plants names or the functions. We learned how to take care of these very peculiar plans and fungi. Some plants scared me a bit so I was very relieved when we finally got out.

Charms, finally something really interesting. We had charms with the Gryffindors. Professor Flitwick was our teacher. He stands on a pile of books because he was quite short. We went out and did a roll call. When he got to my name and Harry Potter's he squeaked excitedly. I caught Harry's eye and he gave me a friendly smile before shrugging. We also had lectures about some spells and what they do. I was a bit disappointed because I thought that we'd actually perform some of the spells. After our three classes we went to the Great Hall to have lunch. On the way I met Laurence talking with some of the Hufflepuffs. She caught my eye and approached me quickly. "So, how are classes?" she asked.

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