Time flies so fast, don't you think? I've been thinking of what to give my friends for Christmas. There, Katrina, Laurence, Luigi, Ron, Hermione, Hagrid and Harry of course.

Hey guess what? Students are actually allowed to stay at Hogwarts for Christmas, if they don't want to go home for the holidays. I was so happy when I heard that, especially because I wouldn't have to spend Christmas at the orphanage. The sad thing is Katrina, Laurence and Luigi are going home. I was worried that I might be alone.

"Are you going home for Christmas?" I asked Harry one time while we're at Transfiguration. "No, there's no way I'm going home." Harry said. "Me too."

"Uhh... Angelica?"


"Can I... have some ink?"

I started to laugh at him. "Did your ink spilled all over your bag again?" I joked. "No, I left it at the common room." Harry replied. I shook my head laughing and handed him my bottle of ink. "Ron's not going home too, you know." He pointed out. "Really?"

"Yeah, his parents are going to Romania to visit his brother, Charlie."

"That's impressive!"

"Yeah, Ron said he studies dragons in there."


"Harry and Angelica Potter!" McGonagall called us for probably the fourth time. We stopped talking and continued writing.

That's not all, ever since Hagrid mentioned about that Nicolas Flamel person, Harry, Ron, Hermione and I have always been going to the library to look for any information about him. I help them with that of course when I really can't find any Potters in any of the books I get.

Right now, I'm in the Great Hall watching as everyone set up the decorations. I offered help but the older students said they can handle it. So I just got a book from our common room and read here. Then I saw a tall figure enter the hall. I looked up to see, Hagrid carrying a tree with Ron and Harry behind him. I closed the book I was reading and approached them. "Hi!" I greeted. "Oh hello, Angelica!" Hagrid greeted back.

"How many days you got left until yer holidays? He asked us. "Just one." A voice answered. We all turned around and saw Hermione coming up to us. "That reminds me... we've got half an hour before lunch, we should be in the library"

"Oh right!" I exclaimed.

"The library? Just before the holidays? Bit keen, aren't yeh?"

"Oh, we're not working," Harry smiled. "Ever since you mentioned Nicolas Flamel we've been trying to find out who he is!"

"You what?!" Hagrid exclaimed with wide eyes. "Listen here---I've told yeh---drop it. It's nothin' to you what that dog's guardin'."

"We just want to know who Nicolas Flamel is, that's all" Hermione shrugged. "Unless you'd like to tell us and save us the trouble?" Harry pointed out. I grinned at him. "We must've been through hundreds of books already and we can't find him anywhere----" he added. Oh, I know what that feels.

""---just give us a hint---I know I've read his name somewhere."

"I'm sayin' nothin'" Hagrid said sternly. We looked at each other and shrugged. We bid goodbyes and hurried off to the library. Once again no such luck. I heard Madam Pince scolding someone. I turned to look and it was actually Harry who had been into the restricted section. I followed him outside. "Any luck?" he asked. "Nope."

Soon, Ron and Hermione came out too shaking their heads. Hermione asked if we'll keep looking even when she's away and we promised to do so.

Once the holidays are starting, I was having too much fun to stress myself. Just relax! I've been hanging out with Harry and Ron a lot. Ron taught us how to play wizard chess. Wizard chess is so much better than ordinary chess, you know why? He figures are moving. I got so addicted to it. We must've played it like every hour of every day. But every time I play with Ron I lose because Ron is such a good chess player!

On Christmas Eve, a lot of students were waiting till 12:00am to welcome Christmas but I decided to sleep early. I read like 3 books in just a day and I need to rest my eyes. I also managed to find some things to give Ron and Harry. I hope they like it though, it's nothing. But I'm pretty sure Harry will like my present.


I woke up to tons of gifts on my bed! Oh my goodness there's no better way to wake up at Christmas! I took one gift, it was from Katrina. I opened it and it was a bracelet and a note inside: "I have one too! Keep this forever; this will be our friendship bracelet! xoxo" "Awwww!" I muttered out loud, I quickly slipped the bracelet on my wrist. I took another gift, it was from Laurence. I got a........ OMG LAURENCE I LOVE YOU! She bought me a book!!! "I know you love reading. This is my favorite book, I hope you'll like it" That is so sweet and I am so touched! I took another one it was from Hermione. It was a very lovely pen. No note, simple, but I still loved it! I took another one and it was from Luigi. He bought me a cute pink hairclip. "Hope you like it!" WHY AM I BLUSHING??! I took another one it was from Hagrid. He gave me a wooden flute. I am going to play with this later!!

Then I opened my last present. Guess from whom? Miss Audrey and the kids in the orphanage. I opened the present and I nearly cried at their effort. It was a picture frame with a photo of me and Miss Audrey. A note under the photo read: I miss you so much Angelica. I'm so sorry I haven't been giving you any attention since that incident. I hope you're doing okay. We miss you. Avery seems to be scared of you now.

I laughed at the end of the sentence. Aw, that is so sweet. I placed the frame on my bedside table. Then I noticed another note on my bed. No gifts just a note. Hm?

I've given your brother your gift. Share it with him. And use it well.

"M-M-my brother?!"

I went down to the Great Hall and found Harry with Ron and his brothers. I ran toward him, snuck up behind him and covered his eyes. "Whoa! Who's this?" Harry said putting his hands on mine. I looked up to Ron and his brothers and muttered a "Shhh"

"Guess whooooo" I whispered in a completely different voice. "It's a girl, Harry!" one of the Weasley twins said. "ANGELICA!"

"Oh man!" I exclaimed grinning. Harry took my hands off his eyes. I sat beside him and gave him a bear hug. "Merry Christmaaass!!!!" I greeted him. He laughed, "Merry Christmas too!" Then I took out two gifts for them. "I got you something!"

"What?! Angelica you didn't have to!" Harry exclaimed. "I had to! One for Ron, one for you!" I handed their gifts. "But I didn't get you anything!" Harry argued. "That's fineeee! Now open them!"

What about us?" one of the twins asked. "Uhhhh...."

"Nah we're just joking!" the other said. "By the way Angelica, this is Fred and George." I think you haven't met them yet." Ron introduced.

"Yeah, HI!" I greeted them. "Hello!" they said in unison. Then Harry started to laugh out loud. I turned to him and he just opened my present. "Do you like it?" I teased.

"Yeah, thank you for the bottle of ink!"

That afternoon we just killed time by playing a furious snow ball fight outside. We also played wizard chess and a couple of pranks, thanks to Fred and George, on Filch. Then that night we had a spectacular Christmas dinner! TURKEYS BOILED POTATOES, CRACKERS, ICE CREAM, CAKES AND SO MUCH MORE! I'm stuffing my face with so much food right now. "I bet I can finish all that ice cream." I told Harry while I stared at the 3 feet chocolate and vanilla ice cream with hot fudge and crushed chocolates chips and cookies (A/N: GUYS I'M HUNGRY).

"I bet you can't!" Harry challenged. I grabbed the bowl of ice cream. "How about we split this ice cream and the first one who finishes wins!" I said. "DEAL!"

We split the ice cream into two.

Guess who won??! ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

At the end of the deal though, I had a terrible brain freeze but it was totally worth it! It was absolutely delicious! I have never tasted an ice cream so delicious in my whole life.

"That was a pain in the head." Harry said after his last scoop. "It was delicious though" I laughed propping my elbows. He nodded in agreement.

That night after I took a warm and soothing bath, I lay on my bed. There was something itchy on my back and I grabbed it and it was the note I got earlier. I read it all over again and again. Whoever this is, knows who my brother is and wait... he's expecting me to know my brother already. It sounded like he's saying that... my brother is actually here at Hogwarts! I stood straight up and stared at the note. Is it possible that he's actually here at Hogwarts? The sender sounds so sure that my brother and I are close and he sent it straight here so...

Suddenly I feel so closer to him.

That morning I woke up, I realize Christmas is over. Aw, I felt so down. But I still smiled throughout the day. I washed off, got warm clothes and went down the Great Hall. "Hi!" I said as I got nearer to Harry and Ron who was in a deep conversation. "Oh hi!" Harry said brightly. "Hm? Someone's in a good mood?" I teased as I sat beside him. "Harry found something. Some sort of a mirror! He said when he looked into it he saw his parents!" Ron explained.


"Yeah! I'll be looking for it again tonight. Want to come?"

"Sure! I don't know what my parents look like. This will be good!" I was excited all over again. I wonder what my parents look like!!! I turned to look at Harry with a smile but it slowly faded at the look on his face. He looked dreamy but he has a sort of mischievous smile. "Harry?" I said trying to get his attention. "You look really strange."

Late night, the three of us are wandering around the castle. Harry leading us to the 'mirror room', as he called it. We are covered in a fantastic invisibility cloak; Harry said he got it for Christmas. I'm a bit jealous. I was freezing cold. Harry looked so confident in finding this room but he seemed lost. "Harry how about we just go back tomorrow? It's freezing cold" I pleaded. "NO!" he hissed. He's so eager to find this mirror. What's so great about it anyway? Why is he so persistent in finding it? Harry looked like a deranged person right now, his head whipping back and forth so fast like he's watching a tennis match.

"I FOUND IT!" he said at last. We entered a completely deserted and empty room except for the tall mirror in the middle. Harry ran to it with a huge smile and looked at his reflection. "See?" he said pointing at the mirror. Ron and I looked but we only saw our reflections. "I only see us?" I said and Ron nodded. "Look! Look there are loads of them."

"Harry there's only the three of us?" Ron said. "Look properly, here stand in my position." Harry said and he stepped away from his spot. I stood beside Harry and waited for something to appear on the mirror. "Do you see the----"

"Whoa!" Ron exclaimed. "What????"

"Do you see your family??"

"No... it's just me except... I look older and I'm----I'm head boy! I'm holding the Quidditch Cup. And bloody hell! I'm Quidditch Captain too!" he exclaimed with a huge grin. Harry and I exchanged confused looks. "I look good....' Ron mumbled.

"Uh... Angelica what about you?" Ron stepped aside and I stood on his position. I was looking at myself at first then suddenly some sort of mist starts fading in beside me. It was a boy, smiling at me. Messy raven hair, thin glasses like mine, lightning scar like mine, and brilliant green eyes like mine. It was my brother. Tears started swarming in my eyes and stream down my face. I touched the mirror. My brother continued to smile at me. "Angelica...?"

I turned to the other boys with a weak smile. "It's my brother." I said. "I can see my brother." I looked at my brother again then something hits me. I looked from the mirror to Harry. Back and forth. "What's wrong?"

"Harry... you look just like my brother!"


"I---I'm not sure though my eyes are a bit blurry but you look so much like him!!!"

Both he and I are stunned. I looked at my brother again. I tried to rub my eyes but they only got blurrier. But it really looked like Harry! I turned to him who was looking at me carefully. Back at the smiling boy in the mirror. I'm having thoughts right now... Crazy thoughts...I don't know... What if....What if Harry is my brother?

(A/N: Now we all know the answer is pretty obvious. I mean you're thinking like, DUH YEAH HE'S YOUR BROTHER! GET ON WITH THE PROGRAM but of course Angelica is still confused and she doesn't know what to think :) Hey guys I feel like this chapter is totally lame. I kind of rushed it but feel free to tell me your honest. VERY HONEST opinions :) But here's something... THE TRUTH IS COMING SOON KEEP READING GUYS! I LOVE YOU ALL xx)

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